27 February 2013


This morning 
A few hours later


Edit:  Further pictures of 'Ms' Monarch (she's a girl)


26 February 2013

caterpillars pt II

Above is our 'pillar creche.  A safe and sturdy place for fallen chrysalides, their chosen leaves eaten by younger hungry caterpillars.

The caterpillars live on our terrace, just to the left of the table on that black tray.  We dine while watching nature do her thing!  In the morning we open the louvres, and at night close them in case of rain.

This is going to be the first butterfly to hatch.  Only today did we see her beautiful orange wings showing through.  Can't be long now, and I do hope we don't miss the big moment.

23 February 2013


This is what we have been preoccupied with the past few weeks. It started on a whim with one plant, but Mrs Monarch came back several times to lay which necessitated subsequent trips for additional swan plants (which is pretty much the only plant they eat).  

If you ever want to learn anything new, just dive straight in.  I've learnt so much by doing this than any book read beforehand could offer (though we have this adorable vintage book to keep us on track). 


The caterpillars live on the terrace, which is a very convenient (not to mention safe and dry) spot for checking up on them.   

I read somewhere that pumpkin is an acceptable substitute at a push, but only when the caterpillars are at their largest.  Though I've since read that pumpkin lacks the chemical that is crucial for their metamorphosis so I've whipped it off them.

It's been quite something watching these critters develop from egg to chrysalis.  Their lifecycle really is both mystery and miracle.  Ten chrysalides and counting.  I'll miss them when they go.

21 February 2013

don't clean in your dagmar daley!

even if you have made the floor look super.  Audrey is wearing her Dagmar Daley dress from Sweet William.  Unfortunately it arrived two days after her 4th birthday party though it's probably a good thing being silk (the label says 'dryclean only', urk).

We also bought two Ode dresses in their sale and they're the prettiest little things.  Oh, and the rad popupshop cactus stockings.

(BTW the Bona spray mop is brilliant for wood floors (plus your kids can do it for you!))

18 February 2013

goods for tots

rich blue velveteen bloomers, 12m

merino baby pants, 6m (I would wear these in my size...)

7 February 2013

grandma moses

Thankyou fine little day for introducing me to the wonderful folk art of grandma moses.  It's so magical, and is inspiring me to start painting again.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses (Grandma Moses), 1860 - 1961

2 February 2013

for the shop

A couple of new pieces for the shop.

Well, not exactly.  The dress above is the return of the Luca dress.  Audrey is now wearing Lucy's original and I'd forgotten how much I liked it. Audrey has taken a shine to it, too.

And below, the modern floral skirt.  The mini-pleats around the waist bring plenty of volume to this skirt.  Another of Audrey's favourites.  I didn't have to convince her to wear either of these, you know how that sometimes happens (so grating).  The leopard bow tie is one of Audrey's daily accessories.  I told her she's not to sleep in it, and the other morning I found she had.  She told me 'the wind blew it on'. 

French Riviera, 1949

Fancy a holiday back in time?

The travelfilmarchive channel on youtube is quite the treasure trove!