30 January 2013

cats vs dogs

Are you a cat or dog person?  Choosing between only those two animals, I would go for dogs.

I grew up with dogs and cats (and rabbits and a small farm of animals) whereas my husband and his family grew up only with pet cats.

My husband already had a cat when we met, and I had an aviary of birds.  A somewhat unlikely alliance.  I still have  my aviary but his furball passed on of old age in 2011.  We had our impending renovation so decided to wait until we were back in the house, but now that we are here I feel a new cat would diminish our bountiful bird life (which I adore more than anything else).  Our youngest girl adores all things cat, and our eldest adores all things dog.

My husband refuses to get a dog, and Lucy flares up every now and then about wanting one.  I think they make for better companions, but then I am possibly biased because of my bird feelings.  Audrey is aching for a cat, whereas I am enjoying the fur-free sofas, pretty garden birds and not being woken up to the sound of cacking in the night.

I imagine this is a very common family dilemma.  It reminds me of the classic Gershwin song, this version sung by Billie Holiday...

And because I am on an uncontrollable roll how about this cat diary vs dog diary.  Or what if humans were cats and dogs?  How long can I put off a cat for?

top image via the fantastic cat versus human

26 January 2013

little plaid smock shirt

Just new in the shop, size 4Y.  Audrey's posing fee is a really good lollipop.

24 January 2013

SJP's library

I saved this image of Sarah Jessica Parker's home library some time ago and still dream about sitting on that sofa after having chosen a book from the shelves.  The magazine display resembles a shop.  No rifling through piles here.

Via Sotheby's.

20 January 2013

bedtime dialogue

Having just put the girls to bed, I head to the office to check a few emails.  Lucy is 6, Audrey almost 4.  Lucy calls out down the hall to me:

Lucy:  Mum, shut the gate or a robber will come in!

Audrey:  What’s a robber?

Lucy: A robber is a..man who comes in and takes all your knives and forks and spoons….and plates.

Audrey: And dinner?

Lucy: No, not dinner.

Audrey: Hm.

Lucy: And cups.

Audrey: Cuts our hair?!

Lucy : No! Cups!

Audrey: What cut?

Lucy: Nothing, just cups!

Audrey: Oh….and…

Lucy: Go to sleep, Audrey! Go to sleep!

A dictaphone would come in handy sometimes.

18 January 2013

summer tank

one for the etsy shop in a liberty of london print!

17 January 2013

did I mention...

...I turned 40 last Sunday?  I always remember the line of Samantha's in Sex and the City - 'Welcome to my box'.  If you don't know what I am talking about then clearly you haven't watched each episode ten-fold like I have.   Me, left to right, young to wiser.  I can't believe the length of the dresses our mother put us in.

it's so easy

to go neutral.  Miranda Brook's home is anything but, and it's incredible.

If you haven't got the Vogue Jan '13 issue view her home here.

15 January 2013

wool for tots

Two very cosy pairs in the shop, ready to ship - in sizes 6m and 12m.

12 January 2013

earlier times

Sepia, smiles and sun - life never looked so good!  Freedom seemed to be more apparent in those days, am I right?

Top: Dad (L) with friend.
Middle:  My elder sister, Fiona (L), and me.
Below: Mum and my elder sibling, Fiona.

4 January 2013

hot legs

(I've been listening to Rod this morning.)

Cosy merino in the shop.  Stay warm!

3 January 2013

a new year

Phew, we made it!  Gone is the year of the renovation, and hello to a relaxing 2013.  That was Brendan's resolution for the entire year, to just sit.  The past few days have been lovely; eating alfresco on our new terrace, day trips to the beach, a ferry ride, skipping (a resolution to get more fit and less jiggly at home).  And for an upcoming week away in Hawkes Bay (just us girls) we almost contemplated driving the five plus hours but a recent overnight stay elsewhere which equated to a drive just over an hour almost wrecked the girls.  Actually, Audrey's very good (plentiful food helps a great deal).  It's Lucy asking 'how much further' every five minutes, and declarations of boredom that sealed the fate of a plane ride there.  As my mother always used to tell us 'a bored person is a boring person'.  I am my mother now for I told Lucy that very same thing.

A very, very happy new year to you all.  Make it magical.