1 March 2013

David Hockney

The chain-smoking, plaid pant, suspender-wearing British artist I've recently come to love.  He's inspired me to hoist out my easel and dabble with paintbrush again.  I love that his landscapes have some magic to them.  While I can appreciate realism I much prefer this style of painting.  David Hockney clearly sees far more than I do when looking at a landscape, and it's opened my eyes.  I recently watched his video, fascinating to see him at work, out in the countryside.  He paints, he puffs (on cigarettes), and chats idly with passers-by.  Neat.  Can't wait to receive his book.


  1. it's been years since i've last looked at a hockney painting. i love his work from the 60s and 70s. these landscapes are mesmerizing.

  2. I must check out that era of work then, Erica. I hope Leon's party was a success, bet it was cute!

  3. I really like all that pics. Are great and so original.



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