21 February 2013

don't clean in your dagmar daley!

even if you have made the floor look super.  Audrey is wearing her Dagmar Daley dress from Sweet William.  Unfortunately it arrived two days after her 4th birthday party though it's probably a good thing being silk (the label says 'dryclean only', urk).

We also bought two Ode dresses in their sale and they're the prettiest little things.  Oh, and the rad popupshop cactus stockings.

(BTW the Bona spray mop is brilliant for wood floors (plus your kids can do it for you!))


  1. whoa, what a lovely shade of pink! i am gearing up for leon's first proper birthday party. i haven't yet reached panic mode, but that's due to hit in about 20 hours...i hope audrey's day was fun!

  2. Erica, that was Audrey's first proper birthday party too. In hindsight I could easily have ditched the organised games. They were more than content to play amongst themselves, inside with trains, and outdoors in the sandpit and treehouse. They seemed quite put out when I asked them over for pass the parcel! Good luck for Leon's!


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