30 December 2012

Olatz Schnabel

Olatz Schnabel's indulgent bedroom, monochromatic bathroom, and leafy courtyard, seen here but also in the Jan '13 UK Vogue I enjoyed over breakfast and coffee this morning. 

24 December 2012

on the eve

a very Merry christmas to you all!

vintage photo from here

22 December 2012

Obama's dog Bo at Christmas

Can you believe those paw socks?!

And have you seen the making of the gingerbread White House?

Or the various versions of Bo decorations, because clearly the gingerbread White House wasn't enough?

17 December 2012

demetri martin

loving this book.  Nice bite-size bits to read in bed.  This story reminds me of where I could go (for better or for worse...actually, for worse)...

14 December 2012

the allure of the unicorn

Writer Nina Shen Rastogi says "I think for many young girls, there's a fantasy that someday you will be recognized as the secretly beautiful, magical thing that you are".

Unicorn rings by Modernaked.

12 December 2012

shop sale special coupon

For a bit of fun, the first three lovely people to email me will receive a whopping 40% off coupon code for the shop!  click here to email me

update: thanks to those three who participated!  the coupon is active until the end of December 2012.  Happy shopping!

11 December 2012

shop sale

December shop sale!  Enter coupon code COMET at checkout.  Merry Christmas to all!

Image via here.

10 December 2012

DIY horse stable

When I think about it, many things are spontaneous in this house.  Yesterday's act of spontaneity was a horse stable for Lucy's Schleich horses.  You can buy them, of course, but for one they're expensive, and secondly, it's a neat little project to do together.

Growing up we used to make model airplanes out of balsa wood with our Dad.  It's a nice light, easy to cut wood.    The beauty of balsa is that you really only need a pencil, ruler, stanley knife and balsa glue.  No hammers, saws, weather-permitting days.

We got our balsa wood from Stoker Models and within a few hours, not bad really considering absolutely no plans or supplies beforehand, we had this to show.   Lucy kept staring at it, every now and then quietly uttering 'I really love this, mummy'.

2 December 2012

cardboard box sleigh

This was a surprisingly quick project that has been a constant source of amusement for Lucy and Audrey.

We took a large box and taped up three of the sides at the corners (for the sides and back).  I then drew a curvy line down each side resembling the sides of a sleigh and cut out and removed the top part.  I taped the front flap to the newly cut sides to make a little dashboard, tilting it back slightly and cutting off the excess.  At first I thought I'd have to paint it (messy, and Lucy would have to wait until it dried which is simply out of the question) but then found some red crepe paper.  I used glue-stick on each side in turn, pressing a sheet of paper to each.  We trimmed the edge of the red paper all way round, and stapled tinsel around the top edges of the sleigh.

For the sleigh runners, we used four pieces of cardboard (flaps from another box (unless you have some longer pieces, then use two)).  I free-hand drew what I thought were acceptable runners then used double-sided tape to stick them on.  We threw on a few baubles by punching a little hole into the cardboard then simply pushed the tree baubles through - the stem on the bauble holds it fast if the hole is a bit smaller.  The best thing about using a glue-stick, stapler and double-sided tape is that your sleigh is ready straightaway.

All up this took perhaps an hour, and a little vacuuming up afterwards, and the girls occupied themselves with it for the next two.  They tell me Santa will put their presents in the sleigh, which they will park by the fireplace on the eve of Chrismas.

1 December 2012


This is what I get when I ask for Audrey's help to model for the shop.  Almost every photo is like this! She finally complied and let me photograph her in countless outfits.  Because I bribed her with a coin for the jellybean machine (a 1940's beauty my father recently lugged back from the states for Lucy's birthday).

She is wearing a new pyjama set I made for her this morning. Young children look so innocent and pure in white.  A child in white can fool a lot of people into thinking this is actually true.

night lights for kids

I can't believe the selection (this is not all that is available either), and just from one site!  I am quite partial to the kitty one, partly because I know Audrey would give up very worthy things for it.

All from Little Fashion Gallery