22 November 2012

18 November 2012

crack! zap! kapow!

kids thunderbolt leggings (I think I need some myself too)

17 November 2012

once worn for kids

I make a lot of sample garments day to day, and for the most part I donate these, plus outgrown clothes, to charities.  For the first time I have listed a few kids garments over at Once Worn.  They're all either unworn or gently worn (and I mean, barely worn - I make far more than my two can possibly wear!).  Pop over here...

13 November 2012

10 November 2012

tory burch pj's

 Tory Burch cassandra pj's.

These would be plenty nicer to wear than my current choices. 

4 November 2012

from sketch to softie

We've done this a few times now, that is sew up a soft toy version of a sketch Lucy has done.   Today Lucy drew an octopus (I think this has something to do with her moving up to the Octopus-level class at swimming).  The fun part about this is choosing all the bits and pieces to make the sketch into a soft toy.  She chose a couple of vintage fabrics (1970's, groovy) for the body and we found some binding in my trims drawer.  She went straight for the lilac, and when I unwrapped it I realised it was silk!  But she was so, so wanting it by then that there was no going back.  Turns out silk tentacles flow beautifully behind a chunky body.

She helped me stitch a few parts on the machine (she operated the presser foot and I steered the fabric (did you ever do this in a car in your errant youth?).  During the sewing of the octopus Lucy repeatedly declared how much she loved working on the project.  Be still my heart!

Finally Lucy stuffed the toy and then helped handstitch the belly up.

Voila, a sketchy octopus!  

It's a very simple project which has brought disproportionate immense joy to a 6 year old.

2 November 2012


did you too?

Witches Audrey (L), Lucy (R) and friend