31 October 2012

new york...

i hope clear skies return to you real soon.

Massimo Vitali brilliance

28 October 2012

in the mood for

some New Balance.  Popping good colour!
Men's 620 Retro (for me)

Kids 565

Kids 751

22 October 2012

a couple of things...

Some new pieces for the shop.  Black wool pants with stripe lining in various sizes and a linen stripe dress, all ready to ship.  I plan to add new pieces as they are sewn so likely most will be ready to ship though if something is not in the size some garments will have the option of made to order.

20 October 2012

zero + maria cornejo

What a fantastic swimsuit.  Great print and a modest cut-out in what I think is just the right place.  Though I admit I was a little stunned when viewing the back image - do you think it looks high-cut or is it just me? A little more cheek coverage would sit better with me.
Zero + Maria Cornejo Oona Swimsuit

12 October 2012

going clean

It's a positively balmy Spring day here in our part of New Zealand.  I took Lucy for a dental check at a local school (which is currently closed for the holidays).  The large sports field had in recent days been mowed, and the sight and smells of dried cut grass wafting in the breeze took me straight back to my school days.  Of sitting on the grass banks at school sports days and playtimes.  I'm so glad happy smells like this don't change, because they're real time-transporters.

I mentioned in a post back in June that I was having a break from alcohol.  It's been over four months now and I haven't been tempted to have a single drop, and it feels soooo good without any of the stuff in my system, and it's surprisingly liberating.  Not considering what to buy at the store, or about pouring a drink at 5pm.  And I invariably had brandy and dry - so the soda mixer on top of alcohol was a double whammy. The best thing about this is all is that it's been so easy, thanks to this book.  My sister also read it at around about the same time and has been alcohol-free too.  Talking about it makes people uncomfortable.  Drinking is so ingrained socially here.  At any event you are likely to find drinking taking place, and if you aren't drinking at a function you will be accosted with questions such as 'are you pregnant', 'are you trying??', 'are you the designated driver?'.  And when you attempt to explain that you just don't want to, you will then likely get hassled and pushed to drink.  Crazy!

While I realise who I am now - a vegetarian, non-smoking, non-drinker - sounds a bit naff, I find I enjoy myself more than ever now.  A spring in the step is not to be scoffed at.

What I want to really curb now is my sugar and wheat consumption.  Two biggies, because they're both in so many things.  I changed my cereals for myself and the girls to non-wheat, low-sugar options, and I will not resort to chocolate on the couch every night (this will be a bit tough I have to say).  On the wheat topic, this book sounds interesting, and on sugar take your pick - it's a hot topic! I only needed to read the comments in the former book to see what it could do for me.  Already I feel better after one single day of no wheat, and minimal sugar.

And I bought myself a little filter teapot today as I wanted to change to loose leaf green tea.  This charming little pot in a nice matt black has worked a treat, and I brewed some organic ginger white tea (I am told five times more potent than green tea).  I fed the girls first, then while they played on our new terrace (I pulled out a persian rug for them to frolic on), I sat down and enjoyed my tea and toast (yip, gluten free) and Vogue for one.  Isn't Lisa Eldridge lovely.

11 October 2012

mommie dearest

As I put Lucy and Audrey into the bath the other night - a bit later than planned - I caught myself saying that if either of them got their hair wet I would cut the wet bits out.

I really do try to limit these sorts of obscure threats but when my arsenal of common-sense has run dry I slink back to them.

Some time ago I remember hearing about a father who told his children that if they left their jandals at the front door the jandal bird would come and steal them in the night.  I think the key here is to make someone or something else out as the bad guy, thus making you the mere messenger.

My most overused one is the chopper (helicopter).  Lucy has become really good at doing what she needs to do. Audrey, however, has extremely selective hearing (she really is just plain stubborn), and nothing will come between her and her Lego creations, jigsaws or My Little Pony role play.  She will walk right past you, 'blanking you' as my mother refers to this behaviour.  She also prefers to eat her meals precisely fifteen minutes after we have all started ours.

I told her some time ago that the chopper comes when children are being naughty.  And the police helicopter here is shiny and black, like a nasty insect buzzing in the sky.   Quite ominous.  So when she won't eat, get dressed (this takes an ice age), put her shoes on, pick up her toys (a toy!) I remind her about the chopper.  And I don't know how it happens but the helicopter invariably buzzes by at just the right time. Impeccable timing.

Brendan used to tell me off for doing this, but I noticed after a week or two (with desperation setting in) he was sheepishly doing the same.

Sometimes when I think I am the only naughty mother on the planet, serendipity calls and another mum will just happen to confide that when she yells at her kids she shuts the windows in the house so her neighbours won't hear her.

7 October 2012

pale green kitchen

Interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg's kitchen.  Such an unexpected colour for a kitchen, and totally dreamy. A photo of London inspired the colour palette for their home (you will see it on their kitchen wall).  The wall lights are rather fun too.  You can see more of her home here.

Funny - we did the same thing with our splashback (carried the similar bench stone up the wall) and we're considering Bentwood chairs. Co-inky-dink.

Elle Decoration September 2012 issue

5 October 2012

new ensuite

Quite early on we settled on this tile, which covers the floor and all walls. It lends a spa-ish, enveloping feeling.  The dark colour is very grounding, unlike our main bathroom which is quite light.  Our architect suggested underfloor heating but we thought we wouldn't need it plus it sounded a bit extravagant. We ended up putting it in and we're sooo glad we did.  It makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of the space.

There's also a skylight window. This space was originally two wardrobes for adjacent bedrooms so there wasn't a skerrick of natural light.  This Velux window is quite brilliant - it looks good and you get a lovely view from wherever you are in the room (they're in my sewing room too).  If you are one who likes to read on the loo (I. am. not.) then you would also enjoy this skylight.  A riveting novel and a floating cloud/soaring bird vista, what more could you want?

We chose a non-standard bathroom mirror - I couldn't fathom putting a plain square mirror on this tile - it would have felt cold and harsh.  And we had such a tough time picking out the mirror lights, and still wonder whether we have got the perfect fit.  They're Romeo Babe sconce lights by Flos. The shade is pressed and etched glass and gives a nice diffused light.  This is important, especially as one approaches certain milestones.

The cabinet and toilet are floating which means cleaning the floor is a whiz.  At night there is a sensor light fitted beneath the side cabinet, should you lose your way.  And Brendan, unbeknownst to me, had fitted plugs within the cabinet for my hairdryer and electric toothbrush.  It's funny how sometimes the most basic of functions, given a bit of consideration, bring the most pleasure.  Like the towel hook by the shower door.

2 October 2012

the loveliest of all

This is where the mind of a five year old goes - handcrafted skirt made from oversized claret-coloured petals, delicately drawn gold paper crown, and then to top it all off a nature setting with props ready for photos.  Yes there may be a touch too much cellotape, but doesn't she look mighty pretty?