31 August 2012

a sacred place

Have you visited the Sistine Chapel?  I haven't (so far), but this virtual tour is quite something.  I can only imagine how incredible it would feel to be there in person.  

27 August 2012


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Our new bedroom balcony is now a fraction of the size it was due to the renovation (say a little smaller than the last photo) so I am thinking a windowbox would make pretty use of the space.  Lying in bed (upstairs) we have a lovely treetops/sky view out french doors so an expanse of flowers would enhance that.  And from the lawn looking up - well, if I got it even half as nice as the last photo I would be extremely pleased with myself.  The room is not equally charming though - out the west-facing window there lives a rest home.  Not exactly panoramic but at least the building are of red brick and the residents are the quietest we have ever had.  Perhaps a window box there too, to block out the zimmer frames?  It's a nice slow pace though.

24 August 2012


So sweet.  Stella McCartney and child

20 August 2012

cabin porn

Beautiful, pure, sometimes eerie places of solitude over at cabinporn (via bigbangstudio).

18 August 2012

a.p.c. sweatshirt

APC Raglan Merino Sweatshirt

I bought this jersey recently in brique and I love it so much I wouldn't mind all the colours if my wallet permitted it. Alas, where I bought it from only shipped in the brown and brique.  I also wonder if they priced it incorrectly as based on overseas pricing it seems a little low (we usually get fleeced here, something to do with our isolation I guess).

I chose medium as I wanted to wear it a little looser and with the raglan sleeve it doesn't matter anyway.  This colour looks fantastic with plenty, especially my striped blue and white t's.  The rolled neckline is perfect.

16 August 2012

kitty kool

Twenty-Seven Names Cat Cameo Socks, NZ$30

14 August 2012

cats are fresh

He arrived yesterday and quickly made himself at home. Then this morning when we opened the door for the girls to go to school/kindy, in he came again.  The girls were scrapping for the right to pet his head, and all the while the cat slept. Seriously, he didn't flinch one inch.

We plan on adopting a pet from the SPCA when we get back to our own house, but until then it's quite nice that he has decided to pretend-live here.

9 August 2012

4 August 2012

several signs of progress

...even though every two weeks, one weeks progress seems to be made (not sure how that works out).  The last few weeks will be torture.  I really want to return to normality, a routine of any sort, back to sewing, to not pulling away from the wall the girls' beds every day to make them as their room here barely accommodates two single beds (we had to remove the bedroom door!).

When we go I will miss the next door neighbour who goes outside and near our house to smoke (it's mid-Winter, for goodness sake).  I will miss the acrid smoke that wafts through our closed windows, a feat which I think is pretty impressive.   Even Lucy and Audrey now remark 'oh there's yucky smoking man, mummy' when they see him through the window (they also say something similar when we drive past a McDonalds - Lucy contorts, pulls an horrendous face and says 'ooh Mummy, yukky M, they're everywhere).  I'm so proud of her.

Brendan and I don't have our dressers here so our smalls and whatever are stored in 'his' and 'hers' cardboard boxes - for going on eight months.  We could dub it cardboard-box chic, a bit like shabby chic.  But it's not chic at all, to be frank.

ensuite in motion

sewing room (very much not in motion but looking promising)

But Audrey adores the next door neighbouring cat, Smooch, and both girls have friends just a few houses down (Audrey's boy friend picks her a flower on their shared kindy days), and the street is no-exit so is peaceful and quiet for bike riding, and the house is cosy, dry and warm and takes a fraction of the time our own house does to vacuum.

So it really is okay and I would really not like to come across as a moaner (for too long).  But it is time to be getting back home and Lucy is physically marking the days off of the calendar with a lurid green felt pen.  Three weeks...