30 July 2012

thrifted love

I am so pleased when I find little vintage gems such as these - two Clydella toddler shirts, made in Britain.  Audrey tries them on for size, accessorising with my Maison Scotch bow tie.

28 July 2012


Seriously tempted - punchy and adorable. 

Raku Print Sundress by Ermie

22 July 2012

recent eclectic purchases

T by Alexander Wang Sweatshirt Parka

Sass and Bide Print Pants

Sass and Bide shorts

At top:  I needed a coat for outings with the girls (including Lucy's soccer games), and didn't have any luck finding a traditional parka.  This one is made of sweatshirting material, and is rather cosy.  It's also deceptively heavy, which makes it feel more like a coat than an oversized sweatshirt.  Even the sales girl was surprised when I handed it to her at checkout.

Middle:  These pants look more crazy on the model than they do in my closet!   I wore these a month back to an engagement party and received quite a few comments.   People also felt compelled to touch them (did they think for one minute I was actually wearing them?).  Fun.

Bottom:  Sequin shorts.  Yes.  I did consider that in six months time I will be 40 (shhh), but with a white t shirt and plain coloured Bensimons in summer I think they could be very wearable.  Plus quite a few runs around the block beforehand.

I stopped in at a local clothing boutique yesterday and left feeling underwhelmed.  There was either nothing very interesting (apart from coloured jeans), or knitwear that was all sewn merino so something I could have done myself.   I can't wait to get back sewing properly.

If you have ever been pregnant you might agree with me when I say the worst part of the waiting is when the due date is nearing.  This is exactly how I feel about the house now.  All of a sudden it's become almost unbearable. I know it will all be worth it, but it's definitely time to return to normality.

Edit:  No!  I am not pregnant!  (My analogy has obviously been read differently by others.)

21 July 2012

mixing together

I find it rather funny how skateboarders and scooterers now need to cohabit skatepark bowls with toddlers on plastic trikes.  I know it grates them immensely (i've witnessed painted evidence of this).   However, today at our local, this dude next to Audrey was very accommodating.  What a good sport.

14 July 2012

bastille day snap!

happy bastille day


Audrey celebrates in her handsewn French inspired outfit.  What a pity we left her beret packed away at the other house.

6 July 2012


Some days things appear to be going so very slowly, but look at these photos - they're only around six weeks apart!  At this rate I better start packing.

5 July 2012

happy 4th of july!

Celebrating America with a country music legend. Willie rocks.