29 June 2012

sunnier days

There's less to write about these days what with scant sewing, and daytime hours consumed by trade centres and tradesmen.

On the house front, we are five to six weeks from moving back into the house, and we're still coming up with last minute changes.  On the home front, school holidays started today, and funnily enough so did the squabbling.  On my own front, I'm five-six weeks into an indefinite break from alcohol and so far it's been fantastic.

School holidays would usually have me begging for some 5pm support but after reading this book I think the next two weeks might be a breeze.  Not that I suffered hangovers, still my nightly habit of a couple of glasses of brandy left me feeling about 90% by day,  and now it's rather exciting to wake up pert and sharp of mind.  It makes scrapping children less of a deal too.  I didn't rope Brendan into it but as a consequence of me not drinking he's now down to two days per week. Life is definitely sunnier without alcohol. Who knew?

17 June 2012

erica tanov

I'd love to do a version of this for home, like a smaller hanging art piece.  Erica Tanov's store, via remodelista.

16 June 2012

cat nap

too tired to remove her cat ears...
yip, the cat tail can stay too...
...though she did manage her bowtie.

3 June 2012


Finally a little sewing (new strutters).  And this old fox mask is a cunning way of disguising one's identity on the www.


It's now officially Winter, though thankfully it still feels like Autumn.  The deciduous trees are wonderfully colourful, especially in the early morning and late afternoon light.

Edit:  Audrey's shoes are McKinleys bought from Eden Shoes, as were my pf flyers (and they're much warmer in this cold weather than the Converse I usually wear).