30 May 2012

audrey likes

pigtails and trainspotting. 

26 May 2012


It's a much more refined name for what we call the common gumboot here in New Zealand.

With Lucy playing soccer this winter season I decided to get a nice pair, and without much research I thought of Hunters.  I knew Karen Walker stocked them but to my surprise they no longer do - because Hunter Gumboots are now made in China, egads!  In their place they carry Barbour so I'm the very happy owner of a pink pair. They're lovely and slim-line which is flattering (and frankly quite necessary for gumboots) and I think they look nicer than the Hunters anyway.  And they have a lovely plaid insole.  Yes, that matters.  And I could go all-out and get these to wear with them (though I could just make my own).

Also, for the little ones, I just saw these in the current issue of La Petite magazine, how cuuute.  

P.S.  To the very left of my own photo above you can just make out Audrey's new cat shoes.  She is utterly besotted with them.

23 May 2012

for the love of budgies

Until now I thought it was only Luke Stephenson who snapped birds, but as it turns out he's not the only one.  Who can resist a keet, I ask?  Not I.  Adorable budgie portraits by Leila Jeffreys (the handsome Vincent pictured above, sassy Suzie here).

And lo behold, there is a tumblr dedicated to budgies. Wow.

21 May 2012

the ensuite

You may ask what exactly is this charming mess of pipes and gib?  Well, it's our ensuite, or rather it will be.  This is the Italian mirror we have just decided on (with these lights sitting either side), and the tile directly left will cover the floor and all walls.  Up to the top left of the picture (well out of view I know) is a Velux skylight - so we will have a wafting cloud vista by day and stars by night.  I wish there was something a little more exciting to show you, something a little more complete, but squint and use your imagination a little, if you will.

I am starting to tire just a wee bit of being out of the house and hope the builders put some serious spurts on.  And most importantly I want winter there, not here.  There, there is a fireplace.  Here, a wall heater.  Somehow it doesn't invoke the same degree of cosiness.  Two more months to go!

18 May 2012

the christening gown and the chook

As one ages so does their clothes, and eventually your newly worn become vintage and then antiques.  Maybe even heirlooms.

Lucy and I flew to Hawkes Bay overnight last week as we had free tickets.  Normally I wouldn't contemplate such a feat with children but as it was just Lucy and I it was quite an adventure.  We ate at The Chocolaterie (scrumptious), dined at Pipi (utterly delicious), enjoyed a family lunch the next day and then played away the afternoon at a Napier seaside playground.  Who thought a 24 hr holiday wouldn't be enough?  It was just nice to get away from the city, even for a short while.

Anyway, the point of this post was to show you my christening dress which now must be 38-39 years old

It's a very pretty little dress with embroidery, lace bodice and sleeves and a draw-string ribbon waist.  One sleeve has now partly come away, and the tear in the front?  Once the dress had done its christening deed it was displayed on a chair near a window.  One day as Mum was outside passing by the window she glanced in and saw a chook nesting in it, eggs and all!  Maybe this why I am so mad for chickens to this day?

15 May 2012

books to renovate by

I think I've exhausted the interior design section of our local library, and thought I'd share some of my favorites with you - by favourites, I mean the ones I either didn't want to return or ended up rushing out to buy.

Frank Roop – The New Bespoke
Even if I can't afford the silk wallpapers he so obviously enjoys using, his serene yet colourful palettes are oh so good.  This I am seriously tempted to buy.

Celerie Kemble - Black and White (and a Bit in Between)
Lovely monochromatic decor

Katie Ridder - Rooms
divine colour choices, and rooms featuring her fabulously quirky wallpaper
(like Oiseau in Orange)

House Beautiful Colors for your Home:  300 Designer Favorites
I initially borrowed this from the library and ended up quickly ordering my own copy.  I thought that beyond renovation it would make such a great reference for when I am painting the odd chair or desk.  I love the descriptions the designers give for their choices of colour.

Kevin McCloud's 43 Principles of Home
I adore this book and bought my own copy last year.  When we were swotting up on lighting his section was most helpful.  The book is informative as well as very interesting to read, peppered with stories of his travels (did you see his documentary on Dharavi, 'Slumming It'?).

Be Your Own Decorator
This book is like a collection of all the decors I like, including excerpts from some of the above books.  The only thing that bugs me is its lack of credits, e.g. featured wallpaper.

5 May 2012


I am grateful Gorman is now on our shores, and less than ten minutes drive from home, whoopee. It's really chilly in the mornings and evenings now - I didn't bring anything wintry over from the other house, though my knitwear collection is pretty dismal anyway.  I can sew my own merino wear but as I still can't knit, any of these would be nice.

2 May 2012

latest interiors obsessions

I have seen all three in person over the last couple of days and they are all pretty darn perfect.