29 April 2012

the renovation

Out front

Sewing room

Sewing room

Out back

Main bedroom

Living/dining looking down to lounge

It's quite the mess!  Completion is about a month behind, though that's probably not a bad thing considering I'm still searching for wallpaper.  This Elitis wallpaper is my current pick (col 23), and most likely final for the lounge.  We are going darker there (far room in the above image), with glass doors separating the rooms.  It's going to be interesting seeing the end result, as although we have chosen all the materials we can only visualise in our minds how it will all look together. 

And these are our general colours (white walls so obviously there'll be a lot more than is represented here).


28 April 2012

the world today

US $495 kid's shorts


27 April 2012


a vintage steam train, back blocks New Zealand, so so good.

24 April 2012


All remaining items in the shop are now on super sale!  The women's stripe tee is now a paltry $25 and all childrenswear is $20 or less...

12 April 2012

this is wallpaper?

Schumacher's Cascadia Peacock from the Nest collection. Unbelievably realistic..because the feathers are real.

"Crafted entirely by hand using all natural feathers, these textured wallcoverings offer a sense of luxury and the beauty that can only come from nature. Humanely gathered and arranged by hand on non-woven paper backed panels, wallcoverings in the Nest Collection have been designed in a range of richly layered patterns that feature an array of luminous shades completely derived from nature."

Beautiful (as nature surely is), though I'm dying to know their idea of 'humanely gathered'.
I am rather suspicious.

when martha's away

Welcome to the cutest. book. ever.

Seriously. I never tire of reading this to Audrey.

Bruce Ingman's book, When Martha's Away, is a story about what cats get up to when their people aren't around.  You think they just lie around all day sleeping? Noooo. They do all the things we do (and more!), they just don't want us to know it.  This is Audrey's favourite book which she is very reluctant to return to the library so I guess I'm going to have to buy her a copy of her own.

Edit:  If you have a dog-lover in the family, then Lucy (our resident dog-loving daughter) thoroughly recommends this book.  It's a book for children that teaches them how to safely approach and interact with man's best friend.

9 April 2012

f*** your taupe kitchen

This is making me anxious about discussing our renovation ideas.

Via the groovy Desire to Inspire.

3 April 2012


My goodness, how I adore Grange furniture.  Still now, years later after first glimpsing it.  If money were no consideration I would deck out our home in it in an instant.  It's like serious French furniture with a little naughtiness.