23 February 2012

timorous beasties

Incredible wallpapers by Scottish company Timorous Beasties. We're considering the top print (but in pink/red on gold) for our lounge (below), via the wonderful folk at Netti and Gee.

21 February 2012

fun with vintage

It just occurred to me that it's been over five weeks since I've turned on my sewing machine. For me, that's an eternity. I think this interim-living lifestyle, and the fact that I spend most of my days with school and kindy runs, and searching for renovation materials, has quelled my desire to sew. But I've still made time to stop in at thrift shops and have picked up some super sweet dresses this year. Some are vintage, and some are just secondhand. I'm just glad Audrey is finally open to wearing dresses!

And Lucy is always up for a dress, so lucky for her we stumbled upon this...

6 February 2012

20 cent fun


This 20c toy camera from a local op shop has been keeping Audrey very happily occupied lately. It goes to show you really don't need to spend a fortune on toys if you put your mind to it.