31 January 2012

still here

So we are now living in our previous house while our own house gets torn apart and put back together (only better). We are still without phone and internet so I guess I am getting a lot more done too! It's quite exciting visiting the house every couple of days and seeing the progress. There is gib and wood everywhere, and holes hacked through walls where new entrances will be.
After looking through so many interior magazines and books, and factoring in the colours we like, the last picture I went back and settled on was Jenna Lyon's kitchen. I remember this article that said how her real kitchen didn't quite resemble the glossy magazine's version (with photos for comparison), however I am keen on the magazine's version of the island - a deep inky charcoal.

For the remainder of the house we'll go for an off white and most likely a beige/greige/grey carpet for warmth. The main lounge will have a darker feel - I wanted it to feel a bit more masculine and wintry, or a 'smokers den' as the paint specialist put it. Without the dreadful smoke of course...

Here's hoping a connection to the rest of the country, the world, will follow shortly. For now I settle for a pew at our local library. It's interesting seeing what other people spend their time looking at on the net (mostly of a time-wasting nature). Not that I am snooping of course...

10 January 2012

painted faces


One way to wile away the school holidays! Pop on a painted face and they amuse themselves for a good while, especially if one is a cat and one is a dog and they chase each other as nature intended. I've found Snazaroo paints very good (made to cosmetic grade), and there are plenty of face-painting books at the library. It's easier than it looks, and it's fun too. Audrey sits still but not for too long so I keep the face simple. Lucy is a little more patient and likes a more detailed face. Once you've done a few faces and know a few techniques you can easily make your own up.


6 January 2012

What it's like...

for a mother at a cafe. I have heard and read of comments about stay-at-home mothers fluffing about all day playing and shopping and taking their toddlers to cafes to dine on fine food and beverages. Wow, what a life!

Many cafes are still on holiday here, but we did find the local and lovely Pyrenees French cafe open. Try and find something garish and inexpensive in a French cafe. No cutesy little cupcakes, and alas even the macaroon-makers were still on holiday too.

Children in cafes inevitably get bored, especially if there are no toys, especially if they are disinterested in the food, and expecially if they are forbidden to get off their seat and fool about in close proximity to other diners. Mothers (me) are occasionally forced to turn a blind eye just to regain some sanity and get the coffee down. And not that it happened today, but looks are sometimes shot, more by middle aged women. Older women on the whole are rather lovely, and teenagers are just utterly disinterested in you and your life anyway and won't even notice that you've left the building let alone been there to start with.

Welcome to a part of my day.

3 January 2012

linen loafers

I thought these would make a fun and stylish house shoe (until I saw the price). Linen loafers made in Italy. Best they be saved for best.

2 January 2012

shop update, moving sale

With renovations starting very soon (yipee) we are moving out of our house for a while, so everything in the shop is now 50% off (double yipee)! There's also a new pair of small bootleg strutters...

1 January 2012

hop skip jump

A New Years day project for Lucy, one endearing little sausage dog from the book Hop Skip Jump written by Fiona Dalton. I admit I wasn't familiar with the author before finding this book at our library (insular me), and unlike some craft books which I find offer projects far too simple to even warrant a pattern, this book has some clever designs with plenty of small details that make the finished soft toy more appealing and take a better shape (darts for one). This little dog, called Schnitzel (of course), is fashioned from offcuts of wool coating and wool cashmere from peacoats so it's awfully cuddly. Pity though that Fiona's book has sold out for now (and mighty good going considering it only went on sale in November 2011).