26 May 2012


It's a much more refined name for what we call the common gumboot here in New Zealand.

With Lucy playing soccer this winter season I decided to get a nice pair, and without much research I thought of Hunters.  I knew Karen Walker stocked them but to my surprise they no longer do - because Hunter Gumboots are now made in China, egads!  In their place they carry Barbour so I'm the very happy owner of a pink pair. They're lovely and slim-line which is flattering (and frankly quite necessary for gumboots) and I think they look nicer than the Hunters anyway.  And they have a lovely plaid insole.  Yes, that matters.  And I could go all-out and get these to wear with them (though I could just make my own).

Also, for the little ones, I just saw these in the current issue of La Petite magazine, how cuuute.  

P.S.  To the very left of my own photo above you can just make out Audrey's new cat shoes.  She is utterly besotted with them.

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  1. cute, love that. My oldest wears her rain boots daily to school and it's almost summer here. And yes, I totally agree it matters what the inside print looks like!


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