18 May 2012

the christening gown and the chook

As one ages so does their clothes, and eventually your newly worn become vintage and then antiques.  Maybe even heirlooms.

Lucy and I flew to Hawkes Bay overnight last week as we had free tickets.  Normally I wouldn't contemplate such a feat with children but as it was just Lucy and I it was quite an adventure.  We ate at The Chocolaterie (scrumptious), dined at Pipi (utterly delicious), enjoyed a family lunch the next day and then played away the afternoon at a Napier seaside playground.  Who thought a 24 hr holiday wouldn't be enough?  It was just nice to get away from the city, even for a short while.

Anyway, the point of this post was to show you my christening dress which now must be 38-39 years old

It's a very pretty little dress with embroidery, lace bodice and sleeves and a draw-string ribbon waist.  One sleeve has now partly come away, and the tear in the front?  Once the dress had done its christening deed it was displayed on a chair near a window.  One day as Mum was outside passing by the window she glanced in and saw a chook nesting in it, eggs and all!  Maybe this why I am so mad for chickens to this day?

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