9 April 2012

f*** your taupe kitchen

This is making me anxious about discussing our renovation ideas.

Via the groovy Desire to Inspire.


  1. I absolutely love that blog. I love it even more that I have 80% of what they post about in my home, or I want to have it.

    Don't be afraid, be a proud pretentious home renovator! ;) I think you have to be able to laugh at yourself.

  2. that really made me laugh, i love it. i WISH my house was that put together. with the "charming" cracks in the walls and all my junk store finds i HAVE to go for "bohemian". when you're doing major work to your house it's incredibly fun to look at design sponge and the like. have you seen the blog 16 house? she's great too, very inspirational.


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