12 April 2012

when martha's away

Welcome to the cutest. book. ever.

Seriously. I never tire of reading this to Audrey.

Bruce Ingman's book, When Martha's Away, is a story about what cats get up to when their people aren't around.  You think they just lie around all day sleeping? Noooo. They do all the things we do (and more!), they just don't want us to know it.  This is Audrey's favourite book which she is very reluctant to return to the library so I guess I'm going to have to buy her a copy of her own.

Edit:  If you have a dog-lover in the family, then Lucy (our resident dog-loving daughter) thoroughly recommends this book.  It's a book for children that teaches them how to safely approach and interact with man's best friend.


  1. it looks fab! have just found it online at our local library- thanks for sharing, always great to find new picture books.

  2. Of course that's what cats do when we don't look :) I must try and get this for my little one - looks really fun.


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