29 April 2012

the renovation

Out front

Sewing room

Sewing room

Out back

Main bedroom

Living/dining looking down to lounge

It's quite the mess!  Completion is about a month behind, though that's probably not a bad thing considering I'm still searching for wallpaper.  This Elitis wallpaper is my current pick (col 23), and most likely final for the lounge.  We are going darker there (far room in the above image), with glass doors separating the rooms.  It's going to be interesting seeing the end result, as although we have chosen all the materials we can only visualise in our minds how it will all look together. 

And these are our general colours (white walls so obviously there'll be a lot more than is represented here).



  1. That's a nice looking space for a sewing room. Do you have a good view?

    I want to like wallpaper but I can't bring myself to. Although the one you've chosen looks nice and earthy. I think I have an aversion because when someone says wallpaper I immediately think of the bright 70s floral number that is on the wall of my grandparents' kitchen.

    Lucy and Audrey look so big in that first picture! I'm used to seeing them in close up shots where there isn't as much context.

  2. gad ! what a big house you have and such great rooms. i can't really tell what it looked like before but the sewing room is an addition? love the windows cut in to the roof. love all the greys you chose and the wallpaper is fantastic. interior french doors are so beautiful.
    we've been redoing a big chunk of the backyard all day, nearly killed me. but so satisfying to see change. lovely to look out your bedroom and see flowers and a bit of patio instead of mud and weeds.

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  4. Belinda, yes there is a bit of a nice view, lucky me! Also, I can see who comes up the drive, and it'll give me plenty of warning to get out of my pi's.

    Ursula, the sewing room is a new addition, yes. It is on top of the new garage, which used to be a carport.

    Since this post I've changed tack with colours. Wallpaper is so, so tricky. At least for me. We are now thinking of a fine grasscloth for the lounge. And we took that dark sludgy color out (right, last picture). It'll give us a lot more freedom with furnishings. I hesitate to say I am indecisive as I am supposed to be stubborn and decisive Capricorn, but the wallpaper is challenging my sanity. And I know we have to live with it for a good while. Arte Xanadu wallpapers are rather special, but are sold by the metre, a fact alone which usually rings alarm bells!

  5. Oh and Belinda, the world of wallpapers is so, so big. The ones you notice are probably the ones plastered in magazines on a regular basis. Elitis, Arte - some special textured plains. I love Frank Roop's use of silk wallpaper, and silk-look vinyl is a cost-effective compromise especially when one has tactile kids.

    Just realised I am posting via the family blog, hence the name Lucy. Lucy's getting good at writing, eh!

  6. Maybe the good wallpapers are so good that I don't really notice them. And I'm not currently renovating so I'm not looking for them!

    You must have a long driveway to have time to get out of your pjs when someone is already on it.

    Why yes, Lucy. Not only have you grown up so much, you've also become very articulate. ;)

  7. Wow. Can't imagine undertaking a remodel. I like the slate grey palette you have chosen. Looking forward to seeing final picks!

  8. Wow what a major undertaking! I got all excited this week when the electrician put in 2 new powerpoints in the kitchen!I have only been waiting 7 years for them! Can't wait to see the sewing room finished.

  9. Sandra, gosh that made me laugh! I can so identify with that. This renovation is the first ever in my lifetime so far, a very new experience for us both. I just hope what we have planned for the house looks good in the end. It sure will be interesting.


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