6 January 2012

What it's like...

for a mother at a cafe. I have heard and read of comments about stay-at-home mothers fluffing about all day playing and shopping and taking their toddlers to cafes to dine on fine food and beverages. Wow, what a life!

Many cafes are still on holiday here, but we did find the local and lovely Pyrenees French cafe open. Try and find something garish and inexpensive in a French cafe. No cutesy little cupcakes, and alas even the macaroon-makers were still on holiday too.

Children in cafes inevitably get bored, especially if there are no toys, especially if they are disinterested in the food, and expecially if they are forbidden to get off their seat and fool about in close proximity to other diners. Mothers (me) are occasionally forced to turn a blind eye just to regain some sanity and get the coffee down. And not that it happened today, but looks are sometimes shot, more by middle aged women. Older women on the whole are rather lovely, and teenagers are just utterly disinterested in you and your life anyway and won't even notice that you've left the building let alone been there to start with.

Welcome to a part of my day.


  1. hah, this post reminds me of countless experiences at cafes with leon! i remember spending $6 on a smoothie that i was convinced he would love. and then another $8 on a peanut butter-honey-banana wrap that he threw on the ground.

    now i just go to starbucks because i know he loves their baked goods. there is a surprising lack of child-friendly cafes with play-spaces and age-appropriate food.

    i do, however, miss staying at home with leon. i'm looking forward to spending 10 months home part-time with the new baby.

  2. I couldn't stop laughing at this post although I could almost feel the frustration.

  3. Hey there,
    Loving the 'sucken seat' photo - ahhh how that looks familar :)

    Perth is great for kids in cafes and shops, so makes it great for the stay at home Mum......and her sanity! Although, Ella-rose will stll bring out the big guns sometimes and sink deep deep into her seat....waiting for Mum to finish her coffee and mag :) x

  4. so there with you. My older one truly enjoys eating as is my little partner in crime in a restaurant, but my little one doesn't care for food all the much and tends to get bored...


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