31 January 2012

still here

So we are now living in our previous house while our own house gets torn apart and put back together (only better). We are still without phone and internet so I guess I am getting a lot more done too! It's quite exciting visiting the house every couple of days and seeing the progress. There is gib and wood everywhere, and holes hacked through walls where new entrances will be.
After looking through so many interior magazines and books, and factoring in the colours we like, the last picture I went back and settled on was Jenna Lyon's kitchen. I remember this article that said how her real kitchen didn't quite resemble the glossy magazine's version (with photos for comparison), however I am keen on the magazine's version of the island - a deep inky charcoal.

For the remainder of the house we'll go for an off white and most likely a beige/greige/grey carpet for warmth. The main lounge will have a darker feel - I wanted it to feel a bit more masculine and wintry, or a 'smokers den' as the paint specialist put it. Without the dreadful smoke of course...

Here's hoping a connection to the rest of the country, the world, will follow shortly. For now I settle for a pew at our local library. It's interesting seeing what other people spend their time looking at on the net (mostly of a time-wasting nature). Not that I am snooping of course...

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