31 December 2011

Christmas down here


...southern hemisphere style. I find it hard to imagine snow drifts, mushy paths and toasty fires. One day I'll have that white Christmas. For now, on the eve of our new year, a very happy new year to you all. See you in 2012!

23 December 2011

cire trudon

I love everything about Cire Trudon candles. I bought my mum this one for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I am going to choose one for myself this afternoon for Christmas, oh joy! The stories behind each candle (a few above) are as good as the fragrances, especially when you have the lovely Irish lady from World Beauty in Ponsonby telling them.

P.S. I chose this candle. Despite the description, to me it has a hint of masculinity so it should appeal to the husband. My brother loved Ernesto (story above). Masculine, think cuban cigars, leather, jazz clubs, smokey air. Denise was in the shop too, not sure if she usually is but nice to see the creator of World pootling about there. Have you read her book yet? I found it both hilarious and quite sad; she's a strong woman.

17 December 2011

a nest for siblings


A 'living room bed' fashioned from all the sofa cushions (oh joy) and myriad blankets created the perfect afternoon nesting spot yesterday. Too good not to nod off in. I can't remember a time when they last fell asleep together like this.

16 December 2011

Shop Update

To receive a 25% discount off anything and everything in the shop (including items already reduced) enter the coupon code DASHER at checkout.

Happy holidays everyone!

11 December 2011

sage words


"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.
In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall."

-Larry Wilde

Source: a lovely being
(photo by Slim Aarons)

10 December 2011

7 December 2011

scotch & soda

I picked up a couple of Scotch & Soda's bowtie shirts yesterday, in chambray and pinstripe. The bowtie is removable, simply buttoning up behind the collar. I have to say I feel very at home in this dandy look. I also got Scotch & Soda's pinstripe pants and a pair of the Parisienne skinny jeans.

But what I also find exciting after buying new clothes is donating items I am tired of but that I've still held on to for one reason or another. I often dream of a wardrobe where everything in it is exciting to contemplate wearing, but the thriftiness in me keeps me wearing things that little bit longer.

4 December 2011

Pintuck Flock Dress

There's a 2T in the shop and it's ready to fly (bad pun, yes)

2 December 2011

Christmas comes but once a year

A wonderful short film of 1936 about Santa visiting an orphanage.