30 November 2011

Shop talk

Wow, 26 days to go to you know what! I'm chuffed I've managed my Christmas shopping pretty well this year. I've almost got the lot and it's not even December yet. I visited World Beauty yesterday, which has to be one of my most favourite stores here in Auckland. Corso de Fiori comes in pretty close behind.

So about my shop, I am thinking of closing around mid December (I'm not sure of the exact date yet), and then next year I don't now when I'll be reopening as we're having renovations done starting January. The worst case is six months (which is too awful to contemplate), but hopefully much sooner. I will finally get my own sewing studio! I've been commandeering our spare bedroom until now, and there isn't much bedroom to it. Rather machines and fabric and sewing detritus.

So the next couple of weeks will be the last chance for any snug woollen goodies for your little ones. I know there's not a lot of summer wear in the shop for Southern Hemispherer's, but I am always happy to consider a custom order from any of my past designs if there's something you think you might like. Hopefully I'll be able to list the new Flock dress soon. The fabric is pretty darn cute.

See you in December!

25 November 2011

St Kilda

St Kilda Snake earrings to admire from afar as they're somewhat out of my reach.

It's funny, when it comes to weddings though spending more seems palatable. (Well, almost.)

16 November 2011

shop goods

Little Brit Jumper, Little Greys and Floral Roadrunners. The fabric for the roadrunners is true vintage. A receipt was found with it dated 1971! These earlier cottons were of such lovely quality. I have many more to share too, and it's like a timewarp transporting me back to my 70's childhood looking through them all. A dress is very much in order for the grey floral.

13 November 2011

sunday at home

Kerboom! Mayday! Whoop whoop!
Morning coffee over a game of (1983!) Computer Battleship (love op shops).

and Lucy AKA Patch (these are great for novice face painters like me)

10 November 2011


On my latest trip down to Hawkes Bay with my girls we stopped in (as we always do) at Arataki Honey. If you're ever in the Bay with little folk it's a really neat place to take them (and it's free, a bonus!).

This time around, as I stalked all the honey skincare products, I noticed Nelson Honey's Royal Nectar Moisturising Face Lift (essentially bee venom cream). I remember first hearing about bee venom products around the time of Kate Middleton's wedding, as apparently she, Camilla and the Queen used it. I wasn't swayed then to rush out and buy some but since I was standing right by it on that day I decided to get a jar.

I am not keen on botox, and I really don't mind age-appropriate lines but the perma-frown between my eyes kind of bugged me.

I was staying at my fathers the first time I tried the cream, and I really did factor in the time I applied it with the availability of an open A&E, just in case I reacted. If you're allergic to bee stings then don't go anywhere near this.

At first it felt tingly, a bit like extremely mild little stings all over your face (and I feel like that's even exaggerating things but I certainly did feel something), and by next morning I swear my frown was much lessened.

I have been using it for about a month now and I still think its fabulous. The smile lines around my mouth have all but disappeared too. The were previously visible even when I wasn't smiling but now, nothing. Wow.

A friend of mine is also using it, so I asked her how it compared to botox (which she's had) and she thinks it's as good as if not better. Put it this way, she's not going back to botox.

My jar cost NZ$60 (and I've found it as low as NZ$48), and I think it's worth more. I actually feel like stocking up in case they hike the price.

P.S. I wouldn't have gone near this if I knew bees were perishing for beauty - I watched a video showing that the bees did indeed live on, and stung of their own free will. If ever this changes, I'll be the first to give it up.

6 November 2011


My brother sent me this. If you need to distract yourself from myriad children's requests (that's putting it nicely), annoying bosses or you're simply feeling the desire to get creative in a nutshell, go draw a stickman.