25 October 2011

choose life

My crush on George Michael when in high school (circa mid-80s) reached giddy heights. I recall making up a poster about Wham and as I walked through the school gates it was protruding from my bag and my sister told me to hide it as it was embarrassing. Don't worry, The Cure soon took hold of me not long after. I remember a pair of shoes where I'd written in black vivid 'Robert' on the left sole and 'Mary', his wife, on the right.

24 October 2011

krisatomic, montmarte

Loved krisatomic's latest posts of her trip to Paris (check out the Herculean cat Winnipeg). And Kristina has got me hooked on checking out vacation apartments on airbnb. It's addictive - already I've faux-stayed in Paris, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Where to next?

14 October 2011

the christmas box

This is probably the only time that it is acceptable to talk about Christmas in October. I was reading Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to Lucy and Audrey yesterday, and thought wouldn't it be much more fun to store all the fun Christmas stuff away in a special 'Christmas only' box, and watch, read and do them all at Christmas?

So in our box so far...

PhotobucketThe Polar Express, Peanuts Holiday Collection, Miracle on 34th Street, Rudolph Little Golden Book, Madeline's Christmas, candy canes galore, advent calendar

and a few others that really shouldn't be missed...A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Frosty's Winter Wonderland and Putumayo's A Family Christmas.

I seriously don't think I will ever outgrow Christmas. I don't see any reason to do so.

13 October 2011

rabbit chic

NYHop purse, found via Etsy. When viewing it I actually said aloud to myself 'that's ridiculous', as in ridiculously charming. Want.

12 October 2011

7 October 2011

the best French pastry

I tried a Paris Brest by chance at my local french cafĂ© some months ago, and now it’s the only thing I buy there. It consists of a baked, almond-topped choux pastry which is then split and filled with praline buttercream.

The above photo is courtesy of paris by mouth seeing as I couldn't find my camera in time. It's that good.

6 October 2011


As I move towards a new project (albeit at a glacial pace) all ready-to-ship garments in my etsy childrenswear shop are on sale!

4 October 2011

giambattista valli preshow fitting


Rather enjoyed this behind-the-scenes video of the final fitting for GV's SS12 show. I always find it fascinating seeing a designer at work.

1 October 2011


Hanneli Mustaparta, isn’t she lovely?

And without sounding childish (which is a little futile to say) her surname reminds me of Mustapha Million, the fictional character from UK comic magazine Cheeky I read sometime during my childhood. Good times.