23 June 2011

pint sized fashion


I am a keeper of scraps. If I like a fabric then anything bigger than a certain size I throw it in my doll-making box of remnants. I've never made a doll, but I might, ok. Or a little stuffed toy. I especially like keeping all the lovely wool offcuts, which could always be used for stuffing if nothing else. It seems such a waste to throw them out, and not very green at all.

Audrey has taken to this small plastic doll my sister's grandmother-in-law once owned, and I decided it really needed something warm this Winter after seeing her carrying it round stark naked the past few days. It's a rather pretty little doll (some are very scary-looking, any mother will attest to this), so I can see she does this basic outfit some justice. And how quick is it to sew a doll-outfit of this style. I reckon the pants, jersey and hat were sewn in under 15 minutes (I free-cut the patterns). Audrey was very happy with the outfit, but she drew the line at the pom-pom hat, which I personally thought was quite dashing. A bit ski-bunny. Maybe it's just not cold enough yet.

screen tests

Isn't he just lovely?

More screen tests here. It's quite novel to see the actors speaking directly to the camera.

22 June 2011

mystery solved

Thanks to Grace I found the aforementioned dress is by Tara Jarmon. The original post is here with further photos. This is a good reminder to link, link, link!

20 June 2011

mystery dress for Lucy


I fell for a dress I saw on Fifi Lapin's blog, second photo down in this post. As always, I made Lucy a version of it, rather than one for me, in a polka dot cotton.

I can't seem to find who made the original dress though, can anyone help?

It was bit cold the day I took these photos, and Lucy's expression was the pick of the bunch. Don't you worry though, she is very happy with the dress. When she doesn't like something I've made (and usually because I haven't made it in pink), she just looks at me and says nothing. Or she'll tell me she'll wear it tomorrow.

17 June 2011

Annie Larson, in miniature


Annie Larson knit some custom booties for a friend's baby shower.

15 June 2011

the book depository

I have to tell you about The Book Depository. My sister put me on to the site as an alternative to buying from Amazon. Book prices may be slightly higher but the cost includes worldwide shipping, so it works out cheaper. With Amazon, and being an international buyer, I never knew what the shipping cost would be until wading to the end of the transaction pages. And I was forever trying to bundle items together to save on postage.

And unlike Amazon, you can even spend your paypal money which is a plus for me when I operate in a different currency (and for some reason foreign currency sitting in my paypal account can look a little like play money).

I ordered two books separately just over a week ago and they arrived yesterday and today in absolutely perfect condition. I got this book of Kevin McCloud's after reading a little of a library copy. It's brilliant. He's brilliant.

And The Book Depository is really brilliant. And of course when I next order I will keep in mind Kevin McCloud's 37th principle.

13 June 2011

young cliques


Here in New Zealand they have introduced a before school check with your local nurse. Included in the booklet to complete is a questionnaire, one copy for the parent(s) to complete and one for your child's kindy or preschool teacher to complete. I completed mine while the other copy was at kindergarten so I wouldn't be swayed or influenced by what the teacher wrote. On receipt of their copy I was pretty shocked at a few of the observations the teacher had noted, which went against what I had noted here at home. And the one that stood out for me was that it was 'somewhat true' that Lucy was being bullied or picked on. Imagine it! I appreciated the teacher making note of it, as I'm sure it would have been far less fuss to just say that it wasn't an issue, but it kind of shocked me.

I spoke to the teacher about it at pickup today and she very tactfully elaborated that there are a few tight-knit groups and Lucy is not always successful at breaking into them. I've noticed these cliques before, and was shocked at how early they form (I am talking 3 and 4 year olds). Lucy tends to get on better with the quieter, gentler kids, and this clique I mentioned is comprised of very outgoing, flamboyant girls. I would really rather Lucy didn't care about joining them but she is very social, and loves the interaction. The teacher thought, and this is my translation of her tactful explanation, that they take advantage of her and make her do things that they could otherwise do themselves. My husband isn't reading much into this questionnaire but I am pretty riled. I mean, imagine where she's older. I know how mean some girls can be.

I was bullied a little at school. I recall one girl, when I was 13 or so, who would walk really close behind me, for very long periods of time. Like a silent shadow. It was quite intimidating, and I still remember her name, and what she looked like at the time (squat body, no-neck). Troll.

Do you have any advice on raising confidence and esteem in young children, or any good books to share? I've noted down a few to look at, and I also wonder whether a drama-type class might be beneficial also.

As Patrick Swayze said "Nobody puts baby in the corner".

5 June 2011

mad men, preschool-style

dress 550w

If so, it was unintentional. Just one of the sewing projects I've been working on. I made this one up - darted bodice, box pleat skirt, yellow piping handpicked by Lucy. Those full-leather flower sandals I picked up at a thrift store for $6 - thankyou to whoever dropped them off!

She wasn't keen on the first photograph position, hence the look. Things got better though, you'll be pleased to know.

P.S. Not sure if I've properly finished my little blog holiday yet...