9 May 2011

une vacances


I'm taking a blogging vacation. I'm off to frolic with the girls, sew more for fun, maybe even cook more creatively for the family. Generally, just take things a bit slower. Bye for now, happy Autumn or Spring, wherever you are!

7 May 2011



If someone said to you they were going to design underwear made of thick cotton with really wide bra straps and bands, would you be thinking what I'm thinking?

Every time I see a VPL bra I swoon. Sexy and practical. Damn. I don't know about you but a lot of lace underwear, underwear that advertisements have us believe is the only thing that will make us look and feel feminine and sensual, is pretty uncomfortable (I think the lace teddy is possibly the worst thing ever invented). Instead of basic t-shirt bras (and I know you still can't go past the white and beige versions), I could totally see myself wearing any of these insertion bras. They look super comfortable and supportive, and the colour combinations are brilliant.

You can find it all here at the VPL NYC store.

5 May 2011

Hail Mary!


Mary is a jewellery designer. Like a magpie, she spends a lot of time "trawling through vintage, charity and second-hand shops for things that catch my eye'.

She originally had the name Not for the Faint Hearted which relates to her use of mixing her finds to create one-off pieces, however she realised that 'Mary Crosby Design' would encompass all aspects of her business, including clothing and interior design.

She likes to mix materials, never trying to match anything, yet each piece tells a story with a harmonious result.

Mary works from her studio in central Auckland. She is also studying interior design, and has been practising aromatherapy for 19 years.

She now has an Etsy shop, offering her truly unique, one-off pieces. Hail Mary!