29 April 2011

France down south



In my long-since-passed pre-child life, I occasionally skipped work and tagged along with my husband (then boyfriend) on his work trips (he flies for our national airline). I unearthed these old photos of my favourite pool ever at the Intercontinental Beachcomber Hotel in Tahiti. It is a sand-bottomed infinity pool that has views out to Bora Bora and, which still thrills me no-end, a bar pool with submerged seats. You'd swim over to the bar, perch on a seat with warm, clear water up to your waist, order a drink, and then watch a fit French Polynesian man shake and stir for you. And then he'd hand over a magnificent cocktail, along with a dazzling white smile. It's been far too long...

28 April 2011



Having a break from sewing offers me the time to give the room a good spruce.

27 April 2011

Playmobil Hair

playmobil 650w

I do believe Audrey's hair was fashioned on that of the Playmobil figurines. It's a self-cutting hairstyle, i.e. I've never cut it (not even the fringe, can you believe) and it takes on this shape all by itself. Clever, huh? And from the look on her photo she knew exactly what I was thinking.

24 April 2011

Autumn Harvest


Lucy, Audrey and I just arrived back from a short stay in Hawkes Bay with my folks. Well, my mother lives in town so with her we do the cafes, shops and parks, all the city living. My father lives rurally, just out of town, so with him we plant seedlings, forage for feijoas and fresh walnuts, dodge cowpats, drink brandy on the terrace in front of an open fire, and watch the stars beyond the fairy lights dangling from the trees. The best of both worlds!

It's so pretty down there right now, with all the yellow, orange and red foliage. And, unusually, my father's cottage is free right now. For the past years it has been booked solid by visiting doctors, so if you fancy a jaunt in wine country at the prettiest time of year, in a beautiful, spacious cottage, then give him a call. That's it to the right of the page, Falkirk. He and his adopted corgi-cross Matilda (Tilly) look after everything.

The cottage is situated far from the main house, so there's plenty of privacy, not to mention fresh feijoas and flowers on the doorstep. And wine bought from any of the local wineries would go down a treat, sipped from leather sofas in front of the wood-burning fire.


20 April 2011

Wintry fun with Annie Larson

I feel the need for one of Annie Larson's sweaters (we call them jerseys here) this Winter. And she really makes me want to buy a knitting machine!

All images from Annie Larson

16 April 2011

Fantastic Mr Rob

From Rob Ryan's etsy shop Mister Rob, art in the form of a teatowel,
if you dared to use it and not hang it, that is!

13 April 2011

Tights for Little People

It's funny, out of all the garments I've noticed over the past few months, it's these kids Popupshop tights that stick in my mind! They'd look so good under a simple, block colour dress. I should have bought them by now but I was trying to justify the flat rate international shipping by buying something else, but when one sews... Also these tights, below, by April Showers, perfect for any age (and I mean me).

9 April 2011

Quail Café

Each night for a family of four I make up six meals; one for me, one each for the girls, one for darling husband, one for puss, and one for my quail and budgies. We had chooks growing up, as we had a few acres to play on, and I always remember the drill of throwing leftovers into the chook pot under the sink to which pellets or mash would be added to it at dinner time. Even today, most leftovers I can't bring myself to throw away. There are always peckish little Sparrow beaks waiting in the trees outside for their morning, midday and nightly offerings.

Last night my quail and budgies had a piece of french baguette, fresh broccoli florets, peas, sweet corn kernels, red pepper and some grain bread. You would imagine they'd look a picture of health, but truth is some must be positively ancient and even the ravages of time don't exclude our feathered friends. Tufty plumage, a few bald patches, creaky limbs. But they always look forward to their nightly dinners and rush eagerly up to the plate. 'Bon appetit' I have taught Lucy to say, when she takes her turn delivering their meal.

4 April 2011

Shop Update

I have been thinking up, and working on, a new project and to give me the time I need to work on this I will soon be putting my shop on vacation until further notice. Everthing currently in the shop will be available for sale until the end of this week, the 10th of April (reserved items will remain).

I'll post more details of my new project as soon as I can!

1 April 2011

cherub + twig + denim

A delightful customer from New Jersey recently sent this photo to me of her utterly angelic daughter, Annie, as she'd bought her the Twig jumper and frenchy denims. Oh my, that hair, those eyes!

Annie's mum, Natasha, is the talented photographer behind Ponteuf Photography who took this 'candid' shot (my candids do not look like this), and she specialises in photographing newborns and children. And for a peek behind the camera, Natasha has a blog too.