29 March 2011

Printed Pocket Denim

There's currently two pairs in the shop, ready to ship, both 2T. They have a very cute poufy shape to them, quite unlike all those skinny leg jeans I've been doing for so long.

28 March 2011

A Winter Skirt

Before bedtime Lucy gave me the brief and last night I sewed while she slumbered. The brief was two-part: first, the fabrics including lining, which she handpicked. Second, I asked her if she wanted the skirt out here (spreading my hands a little to suggest slightly flared) or here (widely outstretched hands to mean monstrous). Of course, she promptly chose the latter.

So it's a tiered full circle skirt, with hot pink lining. I hadn't made a circle skirt for a couple of years, so my reaction when all the pieces were cut was a little of surprise and alarm. Screeds of it, metres and metres of hem to sew. The skirt is quite heavy and a bit below the knee so will be great for our approaching Winter. On waking I gingerly showed her the skirt. Thankfully it was a look of acceptance, not the look I get when I ask her to wear something in a colour she doesn't care for. She's just floated off to kindergarten in it.

22 March 2011


In a few week's times it will have been one whole year since we got married! Oh my.

Despite loose conversations about going away somewhere for a few days unencumbered by little people (Australia, for one), I think what we both prefer is something modest, maybe dinner and a movie. Call me a gooey old sap, but I am just not at the stage where I can be away from Lucy and (particularly) Audrey for a few days.

Perhaps The King's Speech with the lovely Colin Firth. Or maybe B will prefer True Grit. I wonder if people really do make a song and dance about anniversaries. I have no doubt some do. I remember reading of one couple (Hollywoodists, no doubt) who have a ripping party and renew their vows, every year. Not for me! What did you do on your first anniversary? Maybe I should push the boat out a little from dinner and a movie.

19 March 2011

17 March 2011

Mother Daughter Alike

A walk in the sun to our lovely local library means hats are in order. Adorably, Audrey went and grabbed Lucy's straw hat when she saw me wearing mine!

Good Ol' Boys

Youtube is just brilliant for finding things you didn't realise you were looking for. Case in point, the Dukes. A childhood memory of mine, the family watching this classic TV show together. Pure Americana! The theme song's guitar strum is timeless.

Looking at Daisy now, the outfits were rather saucy (which perhaps explains why the entire family watched it), but back then I didn't notice how saucy she actually was. Though I did favour little denim shorts, so maybe subconsciously she was having an effect on my dress sense.

My father enjoys his country music (actually I think it's the only genre he listens to), even streaming in to US radio stations. He crafts and builds in his workshop at home listening to country folk songs, and now when I find I need a bit of relaxation I tune into a little country music myself.

Did you have a crush on Bo or Luke Duke? I know in CHiPs, my crush was the blond cop.

12 March 2011

Lawn Picnic

Lucy's favourite, a meal on a blanket on the lawn. If we're ever missing Lucy, we gravitate to the nearest blanket and she's sure to be on it, under it or inside it. Once I looked for her for a good five minutes (our house is no mansion), calling out to no avail. I walked back down the hall, gently kicked a pile of rugs so I wouldn't trip over it and lo behold my foot met a body! Completely shrouded, and fast asleep in the middle of the day.

Today was calm and blue and warm, the best of Autumn. Lucy, Audrey and I stopped in at a local deli for some wholesome treats; caper relish, walnut loaf, rocket leaves, chocolate fish...

At home the rug was laid, the umbrella positioned, and myriad cushions and beanbags were placed. If it were any other Saturday the newspaper would have been an enjoyable read, but not today. Very sad. After the Christchurch earthquake I removed pictures from the wall above Audrey's cot, and now with news of the Japan earthquake I'm going to sort out an emergency kit (food/water) for home. I have been meaning to do it, but never made time to actually do it.

The lawn picnic was good fun, with Audrey delighting in the Lego and overhead planes, and Lucy burrowing in beanbags and blankets (despite the heat). Today our little patch of grass on this earth was pretty idyllic really. Wish I could multiply it, and send it where it's needed.

11 March 2011

Lil' Button Up

New shirt style for boys and girls, which Audrey and her caterpillar gracefully modelled today!

Two versions of this shirt available - classic and ruffle collar.

10 March 2011

For a Happy Hen Future

To those New Zealand residents who shudder at the thought of millions of hens destined to spend their lifetime in cramped wire cages busily producing eggs for us folk, please take a moment to sign this petition. The hens thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

7 March 2011


As of this month I have limited how many times I 'pop' into thrift stores. It's so thrilling to visit one. Other stores are predictable - you go in, and pretty much know exactly what they sell. But with a thrift store, it's like stepping into an ever-changing, magic store. Who knows what one will find. My last visit (prior to my new rule of course, which is once a month), I came out with this little beauty. I love the olive colour, that it came in a black case, and that it was made in Germany. My first ever admin job interview involved using a typewriter. Sign of my age I guess. It's a little difficult to believe generations after me will think of these as antiquated (or unheard of!).

She's pretty compact, and makes a lovely clunk sound when I type. Audrey and Lucy love it too. I think they've even got the hang of not banging on ten keys at once. Do you recall that when you did, all keys rushed for the centre spot simultaneously and proceed to wedge themselves into a massive clump?

I said to my husband 'these are coming back, you know', attempting to defend my purchase.

'No they're not'.

3 March 2011

Massimo Vitali

Love the pieces by Massimo Vitali seen in a house tour in the latest issue of Vogue Living. Take a visit to his site and be transported to the beaches by the sound of breaking waves. Such a clever clogs.

2 March 2011

Feathered Survivor

Rescued pigeon, dubbed 'Barney Rubble', and his veterinarian

A charming little story to come out of the devastating Christchurch earthquake. This little pigeon survived five days without food and water in the wreckage of the cathedral. Bless his feathered heart.