27 February 2011


I just noticed these beautiful ceramics over at etsy shop whitney smith. I love the colours she has chosen, and could see the red pomegranate (first photo) on my mantel, if only it didn't have to come over break-inducing, frothy ocean waters to reach me.

24 February 2011


It's a weird feeling. New Zealand is relatively small yet the sun still shines here in Auckland, the buildings are all standing strong and today there was a welcome breeze to cool things down.

Down in Christchurch the situation is worsening as the extent of damage becomes apparent. This evening my husband said he felt guilty that we were all okay up here, untouched. I don't know if it has anything to do with luck, but it feels a bit like it does.

Such events embed in the mind so easily. 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Cyclone Yasi to name a few, they all become mentally filed away, and surface with surprising ease no matter how much time has passed.

22 February 2011


It's too much. Christchurch suffered a big earthquake last September, and since then so many aftershocks have hit the city, albeit smaller in intensity. They rattled the city constantly, keeping everyone on guard.

Today another big one hit, and so far 65 lives lost. Honestly, I have to ask what Mother Nature is playing at. As little as the rest of the country, in particular the South Island, thinks of Auckland I still would welcome them all here, open arms. I would embrace the 350,000+ Cantabrians and wouldn't blink at the associated issues that a population increase would bring. Surely they have dealt with enough? With all that's going on in the world, am I still allowed to say 'it's just not fair'?

Lolling Audrey

I don't mean to keep making Audrey stuffed things for her birthday but she does love a good loll about, and all the cushions in the house are pretty standard sizes. She hoists them off the couch, lays them out and then flops and lolls on them like a wet dog in grass. On wooden floors they slide apart, so I decided to make Audrey a whopper. I found the largest inner I could, and the finished cushion ended up measuring close to 90 x 90cm.

It's all pure wool, the top being a patchwork of some of the wool coatings I have, and the bottom being a textured, heavy pink and red wool. A red, heavy duty vislon zip in place of a regular zip adds an extra little bit of colour. You know vislon zips make my heart sing.

Audrey was pretty excited to receive this (and you know how plastic toys often pip cloth things at the post), and everyday enjoys a good roll.

Ooh, idea-flash: much like pull-apart bread wouldn't a pull-apart cushion be cool? It could grow by a cushion each birthday, adhering to last year's with some cleverly disguised velcro.

19 February 2011

Ahoy Little Capt'n

This is paining me to give this up, and I'm still definitely in two minds, but bonny (plump) Audrey has pretty much missed the boat (now being 2 grand years of age). The length is good for her as she is rather middling in height but her generously proportioned limbs really won't allow much wear at all. Bought at a vintage boutique recently, now available in my etsy shop.

Update: Sold now. Wah.

15 February 2011

My Sweet Valentine

Is it terrible for me to say I feel I am off the hook for having a baby born on St Valentine's Day? Luckily my husband and I don't believe in it (there are 364 other (non-commercial) days). Audrey turned two yesterday (which was 14th Feb on this side of the world). The photos above were actually taken at a friend's fifth birthday the day before, but she was more suitably dressed up then than on her actual birthday (wearing mostly her 'birthday suit' in the weather we're having). Two! Fancy that.

13 February 2011

11 February 2011

Enchanted Liberty Tank

Enchanted Tank, 12m - 5Y

Yes, that caterpillar is a permanent fixture in her hands (you may have noticed it in other photos.). I had to buy a backup after her original one absconded for three days, and when the new one turned up Lucy claimed it. I created a rod for my own back. Now for backup no's 3 and 4...

10 February 2011

Vintage Swimsuits

pretty beach fashion of yesteryear in The Swimsuit

8 February 2011

The Reluctant Model

It's only on reflection I realise Lucy was so easy to dress for photographs for the shop. Maybe my memory is selective but she seemed to put on anything I asked her to. Audrey is very particularly about what she wears and I've tried on a number of occasions to get her into this outfit without success. Today, eureka! Now she won't take it off, which is not ideal being mid Summer. I guess it's easy to assume it's teens and up that refuse to wear any out fit other than one they've concocted, but alas it starts very early. Twelve to eighteen months from where I'm standing. When Lucy needs something new I am merely the factory worker, bending to her every whim.

Back to Audrey modelling - this is what happens when I say 'turn'.

She is wearing the new charcoal tie leggings and grey ruffle front merino top (in the shop now). A nice change from pink and blue and both pieces go with pretty much every colour.

6 February 2011

Nathalie Verlinden

Fun shoes to go with yesterday's jacket! I might wear these myself given the chance...

5 February 2011

Dandy indeed

Ugh, this is killing me. On sale at Sweet William, a few sizes left for a mere US$34 ($34?!).

4 February 2011

Flore Dress

I'm wearing mine now and it's perfect for the humid days we're having,
though I can definitely envisage wearing it layered when the weather gets cool.
I wonder if stripes will work...

3 February 2011

Shop Update

Both of these are now only US$50. One of each only...

2 February 2011

Hold Me

I find it a bit tricky not to seat dance listening to this. It's supposedly a demo that wasn't intended to be released but somehow it got out. I seem to be listening to an awful lot of Fleetwood Mac this summer, much to the disdain of my husband.


Beautiful wintry photos of NY over at hither & thither.
And if you missed it, December snow here.