26 January 2011

where underpants come from

British-born New Zealander Joe Bennett wrote a book, 'Where Underpants Come From', and I've never laughed nor learned so much reading the one book. When buying a five-pack pair of undies from a local discount shop, he gets to wondering how on earth they can cost $8.59 and still have all the involved parties (labour, fabric, shipping, etc) making a profit. So he decides to find out by visiting China and tracking back his rather modest pair of undies right back to source - the manufacturing of them, the rubber for the elastic waistband, the port they shipped from, the cotton fields that grew the cotton, and then the processing of the cotton, etc.

I enjoyed this so much I actually starting reading it again, until I realised how many other books he had written. I'm now reading 'Mustn't Grumble', about his journey back to England, but the one I'm really looking forward to is his latest, 'Hello Dubai'.'

But back to his underpants, it's a fascinating read and if your interested in travel, history and clothing, and most importantly want to get a better idea of what goes on behind the 'Made in China' label then I would highly recommend this book to you.

Some writeups, if you're interested. Has anyone read this yet?

23 January 2011

Charles Anastase SS11

I wouldn't mind wearing the head to toe looks of images 1 or 2 to a country wedding I am attending next weekend.

All images via style.com

17 January 2011

shop update

a new style for the shop.
i plan to make some more in cotton and also in wool.

15 January 2011

a weekly roundup

Thought I would do my own little weekly roundup - have a super weekend!

Do you secretly wish your child would do this for you?

Mod, very wearable take on a poncho

Pretty scarves (including the one in the photo at top)

The ten never-ending trends of Parisian shoppers

I’m really enjoying the book I bought myself for Christmas

Children of the eighties, do any of these stir up fond memories?

And have you visited Babble yet?

14 January 2011

once worn update

I've just listed a smock shirt over at Once Worn.

11 January 2011

domino / cookie

This certainly isn't new news but it is to me, and I'm so happy to have found it! I really enjoyed Domino magazine and was pretty sad when it folded. I thought I would have to suffice flicking through my own tired copies so was chuffed to find this group set up not long after the magazine's demise.

There'a also a flickr group for Cookie mag (a modern parenting lifestyle magazine) which folded the same year). Yay!

comfort dressing


All images from La Garconne

9 January 2011

good old-fashioned backyard fun

One can buy fancy tents and magical teepees for backyard fun but we opted for two outdoor table bench seats and a bunch of blankets. Messy? Well, perhaps. Fun? Totally!

Lucy has always loved blankets and being cosy and warm (despite choosing to wear next to nothing at home, even throughout Winter). And I grew up tormenting my mother with homemade outdoor monstrosities, though at my disposal was also timber and corrugated iron (my poor, poor mother and grandmother apparently spent hours deconstructing these huts I had built, dotted around our 2 acre property), so it's no surprise Lucy loves huts too.

Today she is revelling in this little 'beauty'. Luckily our backyard is pretty private. We have some toffs living down our street and who knows what they would say if they saw it.

8 January 2011

my new shorts

I made these this morning as I really needed a new pair of shorts. They're sewn in one of my favourite coated linens (I made these skirts from them some time ago), which doesn't look like regular linen. Well, to me at least. I was very pleased with how they turned out - pull on, two front pleats, simple fitting, looser for hot days, and finishing at a specificlength. The internal waistband is in a Liberty print, and the waistband and hems inside are finished with binding so they look rather swish too.

'The man' looked at me and said "people might think you are wearing your pj's".

Really?! Do they look like pj's? I told him he doesn't know what he is talking about (of course!) but I really hate to admit his comment has taken away some of the thrill of them. My mum will tell me the truth. Mother, where are you?

super rainjacket

and another blue coat in wool, lovely!

6 January 2011

Shop Update

New styles in the shop, ready to ship!

bonne année!

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

Not that I am really big on New Year Resolutions (I find picking something up throughout the year when the need arises just as good), there are a few things I would like to do.

First, declutter my wardrobe. I have in my possession quite a few things that I haven’t worn, all for various reasons. Some are items that I consider classic staples, but when it’s been a year and I still haven’t pulled them out of the drawer why on earth are they still there taking up valuable space? Also, t-shirts that are too young for me now but are still in good nick (especially silly when I can make my own t-shirts). I feel an op-shop trip coming up.

Secondly, and this is a hard one for me, establish more of an at-home routine. It’s tricky with two children, an ever-present desire to sew, and a husband who works a roster. It’s not an easy as saying ‘I won’t work weekends’, as Brendan’s weekend could be any day (or days) of the week. Lately what I do find works, is doing something with the girls straight after breakfast (such as visiting the playground), and then sew afterwards. They’re calmer after some fresh air and a good run around and I don’t feel guilty for doing my own thing for a while.

Thirdly, on a grooming note, master some proper updos (YouTube is brilliant for tutorials, and having a child helps you practice), and test-drive Frownies.

Lastly, and quite pressing, thin out the toys. They are getting truly out of hand, and there’s really no better time than after Christmas when the bright new shiny ones make the old ones we’d be hanging on to seem totally dispensable.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2011!

P.S. I’ll be opening my shop real soon with ready-to-ship garments.