14 August 2011

for those fond of feather

Three weeks old, how do they grow so big so fast? I (the maid) cleaned out their nestbox today, a ritual that gives the girls and I a good chance to see their progress. I love their perfect little beaks and comical expressions.

I've never bred birds before (discounting the Chinese painted quail who do their own thing when I'm not looking). I've always housed birds that have been unwanted or a bit broken in some way (Panda the one-legged budgie, Toto the one-winged bird (cancer), a big green delightful blob of a budgie who was passed in at bird show). Oddly enough, when Panda-mono-leg-budgie came up for sale (I was at the show for other reasons but had a bidding paddle) I new I had to take him home and care for him, and nothing would stop me. But no sooner had I raised my paddle I noticed someone across the room start to bid too. A bidding war ensued, and dollar by dollar I knocked the other guy off at $21. What a light feather.

I even took on a cockatiel because he started chatting to me as soon as he saw me. He chatted all the way home in the car. Once home, he shrieked at me from the aviary outside, every single hour, every single day. I was driven to creeping past the windows that overlooked the aviary, and sometimes even drew the curtains so he wouldn't see me. He had plenty of feathered friends but he just wanted people around him. It was a tough time, but thankfully he outgrew it. I'm not sure of his background but birds (animals in fact) are the same as people, they remember stuff, good and bad.


  1. I'm loving seeing these photos! Have never been one for a bird in a cage, although when I see how much you care for them...and see how they need it....this changes my mind :)


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