22 August 2011

colour in the kitchen

We are currently working through the new colour scheme for our soon-to-be built new kitchen. I love the idea of a colourful kitchen but I think we'll go for a neutral look with impermanent accents of colour as I really like the light and airy Scandinavian look. In saying that, I do quite fancy that fuchsia pink wall. And I can't quite shake the idea of a black and white pinstripe island bench. Crazy, non?

Image sources top to bottom: housetohome, kate graeff, coco male, simply nattie


  1. I love all the colour too...but I agree it is easier to live for a long time with a neutral palette. If you love Scandinavian design can I suggest having a look at this blog www.emmas.blogg.se/ I have always found it to be inspiring.

  2. We went for a Scandinavian neutral look to walls, cabinets etc but splashed out with colour on things that were easy (and cheaper...) to replace like bench cushions, oilcloth table cloths, crockery and accessories. It works well I think as it is easy to change the 'look' of the kitchen. Marianne

  3. All of them are great but I like the first picture! I love white walls.

  4. Krissie, love that website you referred to, thankyou!

    M and Ana, yes to white walls. I like a chalky white look, and we're thinking of a light grey carpet.

  5. Love those inspiration pics - how wonderful that some people are brave enough to use colour. I personally believe that we tend to stick to neutral for the resale value thing, however our next house is our 'forever home' so after playing safe with 3 'for now' ones iIm having whatever I want this time! Paint can be changed after all!
    Have fun planning your new space :)


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