15 June 2011

the book depository

I have to tell you about The Book Depository. My sister put me on to the site as an alternative to buying from Amazon. Book prices may be slightly higher but the cost includes worldwide shipping, so it works out cheaper. With Amazon, and being an international buyer, I never knew what the shipping cost would be until wading to the end of the transaction pages. And I was forever trying to bundle items together to save on postage.

And unlike Amazon, you can even spend your paypal money which is a plus for me when I operate in a different currency (and for some reason foreign currency sitting in my paypal account can look a little like play money).

I ordered two books separately just over a week ago and they arrived yesterday and today in absolutely perfect condition. I got this book of Kevin McCloud's after reading a little of a library copy. It's brilliant. He's brilliant.

And The Book Depository is really brilliant. And of course when I next order I will keep in mind Kevin McCloud's 37th principle.


  1. I too made the change over recently. Amazons shipping was a bit of a killer in the end.
    Huge fan of Kevin, must check out that book. Love the quote.

  2. The Book Depository is fabulous. I have to be VERY careful as I can always justify buying Ashie more books. I have been ordering books for about 4 years and the one time a book arrived damaged it was replaced immediately. Amazing customer service. We are also a big fan of Kevin McCloud and love his little summary at the end of the Grand Designs episodes.


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