30 October 2010

28 October 2010

hopetown shirt

Some garments remind you that you are wearing them, which often isn't a good thing. This new shirt is so light to wear, which explains why I've had mine on two days straight. The benefits of working from home, no-one to say 'hey, you wore that yesterday'!

25 October 2010


Because we're in Spring the weather is still reasonably changeable, with nippy mornings and evenings, and sometimes entire days staying cool. This partly explains why I am still coveting winter gear. Also, being a stay-at-home mother of two I really value my comfort.

This post was more about sweatpants, though I have to mention the jacket at the top - it's almost a cross between a cardigan and a jacket, which is just so good. Really liking the long cuffed cardi too. Could Summer have come too soon?

All See by Chloe, from La Garconne and Net-a-Porter

21 October 2010

20 October 2010

nature walk faux pas

Lucy's kindy (preschool) had an outing this morning to one of our lovely city parks to see all the Spring lambs, chicks and calves. All the teachers, children and some of the parents set off on a one hour hike through cowpat-laden paddocks, over steep stiles and through farmgates (yes we're still in the city). At the end of the walk we all had morning tea and afterwards a few ball games.

If you look at the last two images above you will see where the children climbed up to, to play toss and catch with the balls. A few of us remained on the ground to catch and then thrown the balls back to the children. It looked like a lot of fun, so when one came my way, and me being reasonably competitive, I kicked it. I kicked it quite hard as all the balls I had seen were those lightweight, spongy types which needed the extra effort to make the distance, especially in the wind. To my horror, the ball I so enthusiastically kicked was in fact a very heavy, hard ball which fired off like a missile, hitting a small child in the side of the head and then ricocheting off him at speed to hit a nearby older teacher in the face.

I felt so naughty. I immediately rushed up to apologise but honestly I felt I was reliving some horror event at school. Utterly mortifying. I really don't know how I will face the teacher on Friday morning.

16 October 2010

Southern Honeymoon

We’ve just arrived back from our long-awaited honeymoon (yes, we got married in April)! Though ‘familymoon’ is more an appropriate term. We still had dinner at 5.30pm and compulsory breakfast wakeups at 6am.

We flew to Queenstown, which is in the lower South Island, and rented a three bedroom villa for four nights. This is all I have time for now, but I'll post some more soon.

A funny little comment Lucy made after looking through our holiday home: “Mummy, where’s your sewing room?”.

10 October 2010

happiness and beyond

I've read two books in the past five or six weeks, which is a sheer miracle for me. I admit most of the time (when I get a sliver of it) I'm staring into Vogue or a sewing book, possibly because a conducive reading environment at my home is rare and fleeting. I visit the library usually twice a week (it's one of my favourite places) and often I come home, my book bag bulging with titles. Some get returned without me ever having gotten past the first page. The covers usually win me over but that's as far as I get with them. I, however, am not one of those people who will finish a book just for the sake of finishing it. I just can't understand that logic when there are so many perfectly good books waiting at the library.

Some titles just grab my attention, and I might not have even been looking their way. The two books I've whizzed through lately are The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and Ugly by Constance Briscoe. Two utterly different titles, yet both so compelling. As I read The Happiness Project I was unconsciously making little changes in the way I spoke and behaved. Ever find yourself nitpicking with your husband or boyfriend, snappy with your children or being less of a friend that you perhaps could have? I have, and for no good reason. Rubin doesn't dictate what you should do, she simply documents her year of trying to be happy, dedicating each month to a separate topic. I really enjoyed this book. Admittedly if I'd come across her website first I might not have read her book, but I'm so glad I did. It really has changed the way I think.

Ugly is an entirely different story, about a young Jamaican girl growing up in London in a very abusive home environment. Her mother beat her on a regular basis for the smallest of things (often for no reason at all), yet didn't really seem to lay a finger on her siblings. Her mother often called her ugly, hence the title, and was clear in showing her daughter her distinct lack of love. To say lack of love is an understatement, as perhaps she would have fared much better if her mother was indifferent. She seemed to despise her.

I do realise what I've written is probably not encouraging you to read her memoir but this was a book I found hard to put down. Her style of writing is appropriate to the storytelling from a child's perspective, often referring to her abusive mother, even after a beating, as 'Mummy'. Heartbreaking, funny, dismal, hopeful, triumphant. Many emotions. An incredible story. I can't wait to read her next book, Beyond Ugly.

7 October 2010

Images of Cuteness

The adorable Beatrice (a lovely customer's daughter), on the streets of Brooklyn wearing a wool peacoat and wool leggings I made for her. I'm always so flattered when customers take the time to write in. Besides Bea's sheer cuteness, I love those white leather laceups she is wearing. The backdrop in this image is just what I picture (rightly or wrongly) when I think of Brooklyn. One day I'll see it all for real.

and, jam lips - baby lips really are sweet enough without the addition of strawberry jam.

1 October 2010

learning to pose

Audrey's wearing a more tunic-length version of the original scallop hem dress I made last year, this too in a silk dupioni. I think this length is quite good for a young toddler so they don't get caught up in a long dress, though some may prefer a more traditional length. Matching silk bloomers keep things proper.

Making tiny dresses for toddlers to go to parties/weddings in is sure a lot of fun. I'm finishing up another too, in a red Liberty of London fine wool. I'm also designing a custom flowergirl dress for my cousin's wedding in December, which will tie in with the bride's dress. This I'm looking forward to.