29 September 2010

Guggenheim Creative Video

This video really got me from the get-go. Give it the three minutes it deserves.

Words by Everynone is just one of the many wonderful videos submitted in the YouTube Play Guggenheim Biennial of Creative Video Awards.

Another beautiful video is Birds on The Wires. The creator, Jarbas Agnelli, noticed a picture of birds on electric wires in his newspaper, cut out the photo and then, using the exact positions of the birds, went on to see what melody they would create on sheet music. Who would ever think to do this? It makes me want to open up my eyes.

26 September 2010

humble toys

There really are no greater toys than the humble balloon and the empty cardboard box. Next to nothing (or nothing) to outlay, no batteries required and no Mensa-status packaging to extricate the toy from.

23 September 2010

le smoking

My sister and I took community education French classes some years ago, and one of the few things I remember (money well spent, don't you think), was the saying 'je d├ęteste fumer' or 'I detest smoking'. (Given that was one of the few I can recall, I really hope I got it right.)

Searching for 50s songs on You Tube unearthed this little gem. The things one can do whilst water skiing - mindboggling! I also find hilarious some of the comments people leave against You Tube videos, this video being no exception.

And this advertisement is even more mindboggling - doctors endorsing smoking! I dabbled with awful (and awfully strong) Camel cigarettes in my youth, all because of the cool packet. They really blew your socks off.

20 September 2010


Audrey is hilarious. If she sees me clutching the camera (which, admittedly, is rather often) she sidles up backwards to the wall I am near and gets into a photo-worthy pose. Sometimes coy, sometime cheeky, sometimes goofy but always very aware of what she is doing. A wallflower she is not!

On the other hand, though not necessarily wallflower-ish, just the other day I actually paid Lucy to model some clothes for me. The resistance is now strong, and I do admit it must be such a drag for the poor child at times. At least now she is properly on the payroll.

Below is a photo from last week of Lucy off to her grans in a particularly gran-pleasing outfit (at least I thought so). There would be a lot more to choose from for public viewing if she didn't choose to run around in her damn knickers all the time.

16 September 2010


A one-of-a-kind cape in the shop now.

P.S. Does anyone care for the daily song? Has anyone even noticed....

15 September 2010

for fall and beyond

New slouchy style jersey (sorry, sweater) in a wool/cashmere blend. Fabric is utterly wearable, you could practically sleep in it! Cosy, as Lucy would say.

14 September 2010


A new shirt for the shop, and also another over at Once Worn.

The Weekender shirt is also available in a wool/cashmere blend.

11 September 2010

a summer past

a little summer for those in cooler climates

I so want to be on location in that top image; it looks balmy and serene, like the only sounds one might hear are the odd breaking wave and the occasional seagull. No errant kids throwing swear words around, or people lighting up wiffy cigarettes nearby. It looks so much more stylish than what I see when I go to one of our local beaches. I wonder what happened...

8 September 2010

wool cashmere jersey

There's a sample wool cashmere jersey (US2) in the shop. I have my own (similar styled) top made from this fabric that I've been wearing for the past year and it looks as good as the day I first put it on. Wouldn't the world be a great place if all fabrics were like this!

7 September 2010

clutter clearing

I could take it no more - today I buried myself in the endless depths of my sewing and fabric storage cupboard. It's not as big as it sounds, but I have managed to collect a lot over the years and lately when I walk into my sewing space I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Too much stuff, to put it simply. I love finding a use for things, which is why I save this and that. However there comes a time when I just cannot function properly and then the mini-tornado starts. I don't consider myself a clutterbug, it's just the reuse/recycle mantra that is firmly embedded in my psyche.

I am often amazed at the lengths some people will go to sell off a bit of fabric for $2 on our national auction site (I'm not judging, it just seems like a whole lot of effort for nothing...). I have two huge boxes of fabric (which must equate to 20-30m at least) as well as clothes for the local SPCA shop. I give a fair amount to charity shops in my own area, but if ever I muster up a good haul like today then I make the effort to drive over the bridge to the charity shop that raises funds for the animals. I just have to watch I don't bring as much back with me!

Already I am feeling invigorated by this morning's efforts. Did you know clutter drains your energy and clouds your mind? If you're feeling this way, I highly recommend this book. It's gold. I still distinctly remember the first time I got hold of a copy (about ten years ago), and before I'd even finished it I was cleaning and clearing, and did so for a solid week like a woman possessed. The more I cleared the more energy surfaced.

In the photo above I've circled an image - it's my childhood pet chicken, Camelia....wearing a dress. Camelia, if you are listening up there in the birdy heavens - please forgive me.

2 September 2010

spring cleaning and new garments

Soon there'll be new Spring/Autumn garments in the shop (at long last!), but until then there's a few great specials going on...

lovely lara

Seeing these lovely knits in the September issue of Vogue US makes me wish we were heading into Autumn instead of Spring.

Grace Coddington rules, O.K.?

Photos from fashiongonerogue