31 July 2010

defining colours

I think it's so cool a lovely customer of mine ordered this outfit in browns for her toddler girl. I had originally made my own top out of this tobacco brown fine stripe jersey knit, and now seeing it in miniature feel compelled to make one for Audrey. I dress her quite frequently in blues, browns and grey that people often get confused as to whether she is a boy or girl. It's funny how a colour defines one's gender. And I thought she had the face of a little angel girl to pull off wearing dark colours. Ahh, who cares!

And is this just a little bit clever for a not-yet 4 yr old? Lucy made her first pattern this morning - trousers for Dad (excuse all the messy thread on the floor from the above project)...

27 July 2010

a little Auckland scenery

I love seeing photos of the surroundings of where others in the world live, and here in Auckland one of my favourite places is The Domain. Auckland is a city built on volcanoes (whoever founded Auckland must have been a bit of a thrillseeker), and The Domain is no exception. It is home to, among other things, the Auckland Museum and my favourite, the Winter Gardens, which was established after World War I.

The two greenhouses (one a hothouse, especially nice to visit in Winter) and general surrounds seem quite English to me (if you turn a blind eye to the palms). They're just how I would want my backyard to be (and it's this magic view you get when you are in the top floor delivery rooms at the adjacent hospital).

There is also a little kiosk which serves surprisingly decent food. Very good coffee, Kapiti icecream in waffle cones, and canola oil chips in little white boxes (among other morsels). Seventy-five acres of delightful greenery, right in the middle of Auckland City - how lucky are we.

24 July 2010

once worn

I have started a new blogshop for garments that have either been made as samples or are gently worn. It's over here.

23 July 2010

a little input

I was retaking a few photos of the print leggings this morning, as the light here lately has been dismal due to, well, winter (and some of you are experiencing heatwaves?!) and something appeared in view. You can rely on kids for adding their 2c worth to a frame.

22 July 2010

little sale

The Tight Rollers (4T) and the Patched Knee Strutters (3T) are now only $25! One pair of each only.

20 July 2010


Lucy was invited to a party where the dress code was 'wear sparkle'. I didn't, until the last minute, consider making another dress but Lucy said how about the disco leggings and I had a small amount of that fabric left, bought a piece of polka dot silk, and yadda yadda yadda a new dress was born. I also planned on sewing the birthday girl a new dress too, in a pale blue chambray. I spent a few hours on it late in the evenings, to the point where I just wanted to keep it and take the easy road and buy a gift! Buying is certainly often easier than making, so if someone gifts you a handmade something know that you are special!

And a tiny, candid emailed iphoto of Audrey and I (mother's are usually never in their own photos). Audrey did not wear sparkle (come on, I had just made two dresses!), going for merino leggings and a new cardi from Country Road, and I opted for print leggings worn with my husband's long sleeve t.

17 July 2010

red rascal

Audrey loves flopping about on cushions and bedding, not to mention flicking switches and turning knobs. Surely classic baby pastimes. She's wearing her Emus (we all wear them here) and her knee patch pants and merino jersey.

16 July 2010


Hello! Yes I am alive. Just. The past week has been busy with my mother coming to stay (yay!) and also visits to the chiropractor. Lucy thought it might be fun to jump on my back while I was crouched down playing with Audrey. Not her best move, but in her defence she just wanted to join in on the fun. Turns out all the pain did mean something too - she had actually pushed forward and rotated my pelvis! My spine looked a bit wonky in the x-rays, but with lots of yanking, cracking and pulling my back is starting to smile again.

And on the shop front, I've just listed some new leggings for adults - this cool monochromatic print I fell in love with the minute I saw it (black/warm grey). They're bold enough without being over the top. I'm getting cosy in mine right now, but with Emu boots (so good I live in them permanently at home) and a wool jersey. It's undeniably cold here today, which made taking the photos in t.shirt and bare feet rather unpleasant. We've had a week of no-cloud blue sky days but today it has all changed. Audrey and I might just have to light the fire and get down with the lego this afternoon.

7 July 2010

special little sample

one of a kind, little wool vest

Update: Audrey has just swiped the vest, so between her and Lucy I think they've decided to keep it. I'll get some pictures for you!

5 July 2010

more new denim

New patched knee denim strutters, one pair in size 3T ready to go. Lucy, as usual, is being a goofball in most of the photos, this being the most acceptable of the goofiest.

4 July 2010


Cuffed Denim Strutters, in the shop now. Pants for every day.

I should have another new style in the shop by tomorrow too, which will be perfect for Summer and Autumn.

1 July 2010

yet more wool

With the northern hemisphere basking in hot temperatures, we are a world away here. Audrey wears get-ups like this most days, just different colour combinations or styles. Thank goodness we live in the land of the sheep! Funnily, the pants Audrey is wearing here are size 6-12m, but the fabric is so forgiving. Gotta love that with babywear (thanks Marc Jacobs for the super wool). The jersey she has on is a few years old now, originally made for Lucy (same wool), and the pink gumboots are the smallest I could find, fitting her perfectly. Most excellent for wet park trips.

What are you wearing most days in your part of the world?