29 May 2010

A little more talk

I asked Lucy to extend a good morning to you all a short while ago, she in her lovely ruffled, pyjama-clad state. You will also hear me trying to keep her on the rails, commentary-wise (nag!), with Audrey pitching in too with a few squeals. Is the accent any clearer, Jen from Melbourne?


28 May 2010

Little Walker

Infinitely curious and exploratory, Audrey delved into every mailbox and peered through every gate on this morning's walk, making a 50m distance take at least 20 minutes to walk. And every time a plane flew past, she would stop and squint up through the white light of the overcast sky trying to catch a glimpse. She walks like a body builder (chest puffed up, arms marching) and has a mind completely of her own. If she wants to go somewhere, she will. If I try to reroute her, she will protest mightily. At this rate I envisage her leaving home by 5 years of age.

The video below probably isn't particularly riveting to anyone other than family but it does feature power walker Audrey and her high-pitched-speaking sister riding a bike far too small for her lanky body. She won't give it up though; it's certainly a case of plastic fantastic.


26 May 2010


breton top with half sleeves
fuschia roll-up cotton pants
cashmere blend tie-front vest

The fuschia roll-up pants sure are vivid but fun, I think, for a gloomy winter's day or for lazing about in the heat of the summer sun. These are just a few of the new things I have coming to the shop soon. Some warm weather clothes, some cool ones too. I think the cold weather is making me do everything a little slower than usual. I mean, I took half an hour to cut out a pair of child's pants last night! I am most definitely taking things easy.

My favourite little dork...

21 May 2010

the same but different

Matchy matchy...though in saying that I'm not sure I'd want them to wear them together.

And Audrey really could wear this today. Here, she watches the rain come down...and down. Fire was going at 7am this morning. Winter is good if it can be lived like this!

New boiled wool coat in toffee apple red, with orange and off-white liberty print collar, trim and buttons.

17 May 2010

glorious colour

a collection of some of my wool coating

I could honestly pore over piles of fabric like this all day. Peacock blues, ochre and sunflower yellows, ruby red, pinks, creams. I struggle with the concept of black. Colour is the new black!

15 May 2010

wedding photos: one

Trying to sew and making very slow progress. Since having children I have never, ever said, on reflection of my younger years, 'oh, I don't know what I did with my time!'. I recall too well all the frittering of hours that went on.

But amidst the tangle of thread, yay - we finally got to view our wedding photos this week, and it seems the photographer was very busy snapping elsewhere as I readied myself for the ceremony. Here Lucy pretties herself up while Audrey, marooned in her cot, waits patiently for someone to rescue her.

and one from the church, such a nervous little face!

7 May 2010

The importance of a good education

At Kindergarten yesterday Lucy wrote us a heartfelt letter and the teacher helped Lucy address it.

Lucy calls Audrey 'Augie'. It seems Lucy has a teacher who employs phonetic spelling, however it didn't really work out for the best on this occasion.

5 May 2010


We should have been on our honeymoon but instead we were flying up and down the country most of April visiting my unwell grandmother. I'm not unhappy that we've not yet 'mooned', but I truly wish the postponement were for another reason. My grandmother Valarie was 86. From being a petite yet vital woman at Christmas, to a frail and fading-away old woman just four months later in April, I was shocked at what could happen in such a short space of time. She passed away last Monday (26/4), and so now I make do with memories. This was her chosen song for the day.

I no longer have any grandparents, and confess I am now envious of those who do. Every time I see an old red mini, or a little grey-haired old lady, or drink out of one of her brandy glasses, I think of my nana Val. I inherited some of her clothes, as we were the same size the past few years (Ralph Lauren and Pringle jerseys are hardly typical Nana-wear). And they have held on to the sweet powdery fragrance I call 'eau de Val'.

If you are lucky enough to still have a grandparent or two around, please will you call them or write them a letter. It's not a good feeling to wish I wrote or called more, when now it's much too late.

In super-loving memory of my dear nana Val
11.11.1923 - 26.4.2010