22 April 2010

mama's choice

I bought this for Lucy the other day. Like many people I have this unrelenting obsession with New York (haven't made it there yet though, boo hoo), and when I saw this book I just had to get it....ahem, for Lucy, of course.

Lucy had actually been wielding a Scoop book (about a little yellow digger) but, and is this terrible, I managed to convince her with my persuasive charm that A Walk in New York was the book to get. It even had postcards tucked inside an envelope in the back to post (which was ultimately the deal maker).

It's about a Dad and his son talking a walk through New York, and is full of cleverly detailed illustrations of New York's sights including the Empire State building, Grand Central Station, Union Park, typical streets lined with apartments, Greenwich Village and lots of bright yellow cabs. It even has lots of fun facts for slightly older kids. The fact that got me was that the New York library receives 10,000 new books every week - heaven!

This book certainly makes storytime fun for me. The Mo Willems series are fun too (such as 'Don't let the Pigeon drive the Bus'). This also looks interesting. Do you have any great childrens books to share? As cute as it is, there's only so many times one can read The Lost Kitten. I mean, does it ever learn?

20 April 2010

wedding dress closeups

My dress is by Collette Dinnigan, bought from Smith and Caugheys, Auckland (to those who thought I made it, most definitely not!). They now have a medium at half the original price (typical)! If you are interested in my thoughts on sizing send me an email.

My shoes are Salvador Sapena, I made Lucy's and Audrey's dresses (various silks), and the little handbag is an old Oroton I found a few years back. Many times throughout the day it did its best to grab hold of the fine lace of my dress.

18 April 2010

disco legs

I couldn't call them anything else really! The fabric is a light to medium-weight gold/black shimmery stretch fabric which changes colour in the light (gold to black to gold), and which also seems to make Lucy appear faster than she really is. Definitely a fun piece of clothing!

Rather than go ahead and make up random sizes, is anyone interested in an advance order for their significant little one before I list them in the near future? If anyone's keen just email me via the shop email address at the top of the page or via a convo through Etsy.

They're around 2 weeks away at this stage.

Disco Legs
Sizes 12m, 18m, 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T

Approx four pairs available.

17 April 2010


Walking in with my dear father and Lucy...

and walking out, married!

We're waiting on the official photos, so the above photos sent in by thoughtful guests were most welcome.

And a funny story, which may be set aside for Lucy's 21st (well, maybe not):

Myself, my father, my two lovely bridesmaids and Lucy were waiting near the entrance door to the church, just out of sight. We gave the priest the word that we were ready, and off he went to take his position at the front of the church. On the way up he gave the pianists a nod and they started playing beautiful music. Just as were took our first step towards the doorway Lucy exclaimed 'I need to go poos!'. Outstanding timing!!

My sister made a mad dash to the bathroom with Lucy, while we waited nervously. Afterwards Lucy apparently pulled up her stripey knickers and streaked out into the hallway leaving my sister holding her dress! She cried out to Lucy, who coyly laughed upon realising she was mostly naked. Properly attired she rejoined the wedding party and we all did eventually make it up to the priest, and before the music had finished (though I don't know how). Such a romantic wedding tale!

10 April 2010

it's time

In less than three hours I will be walking down a very long aisle in a very big church. Let's just say the nerves are starting to surface.

3 April 2010

Bundling Up

Lately I am getting ribbed by my beloved for swathing myself in an angora blanket and thick socks in the evenings. Yes it's still Autumn, and by day we can usually still get away with t-shirts and sandals/jandals, however it's starting to get a bit brisk in the evenings, and I think there's nothing better than snuggling up with blankets and brandy and hot drinks (and chocolate, though that is most definitely not a season-specific vice).

I've just finished sewing Lucy a merino cardigan out of an adult sized jersey that someone shrunk when washing. I cut it up a bit (made the arms shorter from the top to preserve the ribbing at the cuffs, and altered the neckline a little) and added a hot pink vislon zip. It's a long cardigan which will look cool with leggings, so I guess I better make some of those too. Lucy is wearing Winter 08 coats here (still going strong!) and most importantly, her new Winter boots - grey, leather, Country Road. It's a supple leather, and the upper is stitched to the sole (rather than glued, which tends to be the way for kids boots) so they seem durable enough. Sure you can go cheaper (though these were very reasonable for full leather boots) but I only buy one pair of boots each year for Lucy (these are last year's, still being worn too), so cost per wear they work out great.

Audrey got new tights and socks, seen here sporting her bright red cable knit ones (Country Road too). She also got a pale pink and grey fair isle pair. I wish I could show you (they're my favourite) but unfortunately they're already in the wash. I am very tempted to go back for more, they're so darn cute.