29 March 2010

wedding hair inspiration

I'm thinking about how I want my hair styled for the wedding, and I quite like the idea of a relaxed updo. These images are what I've saved in my wedding hair inspiration file over the past month or two. I think Gemma Ward's hair is utterly fantastic. How was yours styled for your big day?

24 March 2010

train crash

I stayed up too late last night (by my standards, at least) so now one tired mama is wrangling two tired children. We are all so flakey that whenever I get cross with Lucy or she starts howling after the umpteenth accident we both erupt into laughter. Have you ever been that tired?

This is the latest 'job' I've had to tackle (and it's not the first time she's done something so stellar). I tricked her into standing for a photo by saying the light down the hall was better for me to untangle in.


Let me just say, laughing instead of being grumpy is so underrated. Try it, you'll see! It's nature's most welcome natural high.

20 March 2010

Temperley London Bridal

So pretty! Ethereal, dreamy, goddess-like - if you like that sort of thing. Alice Temperley chose the honeysuckle dress (last image above) for her wedding day.

See them all here. There are very pretty bridesmaid dresses too.

16 March 2010

not long to go

Flip, about four weeks to go to W-Day. Feeling ner-vous just thinking about it, even now as I type. The church is huge and already I feel intimidated knowing I will be walking down the aisle with many eyes watching me. I much prefer low key, being behind the scenes but I guess that's not possible on your own wedding day.

I tried on headpieces at Natalie Chan the other day and while the store is gorgeous, all looked far too big on me and my small head. Even the smallest I felt a bit of a nob wearing. And a birdcage veil is out, at least the one I tried on. I looked downright silly! I am thinking a few fresh flowers in my hair now, something pretty and simple.

Audrey tried on her gown last week, as I still need to hem it. She had the lining hooked up under her nappy which is why you can see little bare legs. Rest assured, she will be properly covered on the day, she's a lady after all.

8 March 2010

One Buck Fun

Thrifty goodness in this $1 I Love Paris t-shirt I found the other day (appears new, a bonus!). The t-shirt falls in to my category of 'it's so bad it's good'. And I don't know how this sounds but I think I would wear this outfit of Lucy's. Is that sad? Mind you, I admire a lot of outfits on girls half my age these days. They seem to be dressing older, much quicker.

5 March 2010

Liberty Baby Tops

I have made up a few baby blouses in Liberty's tana lawn cotton (the best ever fabric for babies) and they'll be in my Etsy shop sometime over the next few days. Currently all in size 12m (the test-baby's size) in a few different styles, though I do have more fabric in some of the prints for other small sizes (6m, 12m, 18m at this stage). It's so nice to fit in a touch of sewing!

1 March 2010

a party frock

With the scent of a birthday party in the air, Lucy immediately asked to wear her pink silk dress to the event. It's such a curse to handwash and press though (and having it drycleaned after every wear would be quite ludicrous), so I offered to make her a new party dress, one that would be better suited to the rigours of a child's birthday party. I made this offer the morning of the party. What a fool am I! I sketched during breakfast, Lucy picked the fabric and I drafted the pattern after breakfast (ah yes, there was no pattern), and then I sewed like nothing else when Audrey went down for her morning sleep. To make this structured linen dress a bit edgier, we added an exposed bright pink heavy duty zip.

Of course Audrey had to get a new top too (I am learning very fast the importance of keeping things even). It's in a Liberty print and lined in a sheer pink, silk-like linen.