26 February 2010

a mexican dress for lucy

Many, many months ago (just a few short twelve) I planned on making a traditional Mexican dress for Lucy, do you recall? I did actually get round to it prior Audrey being born but I thought it looked too big on Lucy so cast it aside and didn't think much more about it all. But this summer, after a few growth spurts, and said pink dress magically reappearing at just the right time, Lucy has been wearing it alot. I think the crumpled look of the linen goes with her hair (i.e. unbrushed, the whole ordeal is such a rigmarole).

I can't believe how sassy she looks in some of these! This is my baby! She is looking so much like a young girl now. And with all the photo-taking for the shop over the last couple of years Lucy has inadvertently adopted what I call an 'insta-smile', the type of smile that appears full beam in a nano-second. Lucky she is having a good break this year from that other job of hers. I do pay her in chocolate eggs and Duplo, just so you know...

21 February 2010

handprint art

Lucy and Audrey and I decided to set to work on a canvas I'd had stored away for some time. I don't like things looking too done, too calculated (a statement which might go some way to explaining my dress sense, not to mention my hair) so decided to hand over artistic direction to Lucy. I did choose the colours though, but playing with pink paint is hardly hardship for Lucy. I like the true randomness which quite possibly only a child is capable of . I know whenever I've attempted to paint in a random manner, it usually ends up looking not so random, a little more planned.

So, voila!, we have a new artwork above our fire place. Mostly Lucy's handprints in varying colours, but also two of mine and one little pink pint-sized one, that being Audrey's chubby little palm.

It might not sell at an auction, but I love it because it has my two girls written all over it.

19 February 2010

15 February 2010


I honestly can't believe a whole year has gone since Audrey was born. She turned one yesterday, on St Valentine's Day, and we had a small family brunch to celebrate.

As fast as the year has gone, on reflection there were definitely moments when nights seemed as if they would never end (waking every 45 minutes during the night for two weeks straight). Somehow, though, the days and weeks have blended into one short, seamless year.

Audrey is the more laidback of the two girls (my mother's description of Lucy is 'fizzy' which is so fitting), and as a baby she is definitely of a more curvaceous build (she has a muffin top and juicy cutlets of thighs). She is infinitely more exploratory than Lucy was, getting into cupboards, dismantling bookshelves, climbing out of the bath, and disappearing out of sight faster than I could have thought possible. She is also very smoochy, and quick to learn (which is both good and not so good).

She started sleeping 7 until 6.30am a couple of weeks ago which is just the best present ever! I nurse her four times a day and ply her with as much solids as she fancies and this keeps her very content. She is down to one sleep now, and for the majority of waking hours she has a perma-smile on her face. She is also capable of amusing herself for long periods of time (not to say I'm not with her, but one could possibly read a book with her playing happily at your feet).

It's pretty amazing how different the two girls are, and it does make me wonder. Call me a sucker for punishment but we're already thinking about number 3 (but not. just. yet.).

For now, we will continue to enjoy the sweetness and light and shenanigans of Lucy and Audrey.

Images top to bottom: doe-eyed Lucy begging to unwrap all Audrey's presents; Audrey sitting at her handmade miniature table and chair set (my clever father made this from a fallen macrocarpa tree on his property); Lucy playing with Audrey's handmade Liberty patchwork ball (inspired by the one in Seams to Me); Audrey and Lucy playing Duplo; Audrey's new quilt, beautifully handmade by her Aunt Fiona, and a handmade Three Little Pigs doll, sewn by Nuns in a London convent); Audrey eating heart-shaped homemade shortbread, because it is after all St Valentine's Day; our little family

9 February 2010

lovely Orla

Orla Kiely's SS10 collection, seen at vogue.co.uk. I love the way she combines various prints/colours/textures in her designs. So uplifting quirky, pretty, and yes, charming.

8 February 2010

friendships (and shoes)

I've had a bit of fun the past week. An old friend who now lives in Melbourne came to stay for a couple of nights (we met each other in Standard 4 (27 years ago!)). We shopped for my wedding shoes (found some (below)), listened to Beachouse and Charlotte Gainsbourg, made sumptuous pinenut, blue cheese and caramelised onion pizzas, watched Valentino (second time for me, it's so good), and taste-tested numerous bottles of pinot noir for the wedding, which actually got very confusing.

Prior to him arriving a girlfriend asked what I was up to for the weekend, so I told her I had a good friend coming to stay. "Male or female?" she quizzed. "Male' I replied". "And is Brendan okay with that?", she asked surprisingly.

Little innocent me is thinking 'what the?! Why wouldn't he be?'. Besides the fact that despite 'going round with each other' (remember that term?!) when we were 10, he is quite gay now (lives with his boy in Melbourne). We just like a lot of the same stuff, like sewing and design and art and music and we can just gas on like two girls might about fashion and craft and food (sometimes he so much better than me).

So as my girlfriend and I spoke, she told me that some years ago she and her husband made a pact that each would never put themselves in a position where one was alone with a member of the opposite sex. Trying to get a grasp of what she meant, I ran a scenario past her "so, for example, if I needed a ride home from your house after a group dinner, [her husband] wouldn't be able to take me?". "Nope' she replied". Not to judge, but that sounds like it would make life pretty damn hard to me.

I guess if Brendan had an old friend, who just happened to be a girl, come to stay I might feel a bit funny about it at first but he and I trust each other and I would make the best of the situation. And Brendan excelled in being the perfect host while this old friend stayed. Cool.