8 January 2010

Vera Wang on Weddings

This is such a beautiful book, and where most large-format pictorial books are shy on written content, Wang manages to discuss pretty much every aspect of the wedding.

To those having trouble digesting the usual array of wedding books and magazines, I highly recommend this wonderful book. To those distinctly unbridey, it may even change your mind...I did say may.

1 comment:

  1. the vera wang ads were the ones that made me linger while flipping through bridal magazines. i love the way everything is photographed, and the kohl rimmed eyes....

    even though i vacillated like mad, in the end i went bridey. surprise, surprise, i wore vera wang. i just love all the details and gorgeous fabric and trimmings. and yet her designs are quite simple and so comfortable, obviously the mark of a well-constructed dress.

    i think you can pull it off, catherine, it's just a matter of finding that right balance.


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