25 January 2010

nursing audrey

She does love a tight-lip smile. Anyone would assume she has no teeth, but at last count (a couple of months ago) she had twelve. I'm still nursing. Just one short biting episode, but I think she was more surprised than I (and quite teary after I scolded her). I do hope she self-weans (rather than me force it) sometime in her second year, like Lucy did.

I really can't see that happening though - most days she systematically sheds books from our bookshelf, and nine times out of ten the first book she picks up is a tome on breastfeeding (doesn't everybody have one of these in their collection?). Mum remarked (affectionately, I'm sure) that Audrey is a bit greedy, especially considering her lovely, plump thighs (certainly not a case of 'failure to thrive'), and that she is reading the nursing book to see how she can get more milk, and to see how she can make it last longer. A harsh assumption, though quite possibly true. I have been asked by a number of people when I will stop nursing (it would help with weight gain, which is welcome) but Audrey is not ready and nor am I. I couldn't bear to give her formula either, which must be a throw-back to my vegan days.

Here are two shots of Audrey dismantling bookshelves; one at home and the other at a local library. Though I'm not fond of the work it creates for me at home, I think Audrey is helping keep someone at the library in a job.


  1. Keep feeding her as long as you want too. I stopped nursing my first baby at 7 months because I 'felt that I should' because everyone else in my ante-natal coffee group had stopped feeding by that age (yes I know, I'm a sheep!). Five years on I bitterly regret this and wished I had done what was best for my baby.

    Audrey looks wonderfully healthy - your obviously doing a great job of providing her with some wonderful nutrients!

  2. Here here! I nursed Lola until 2. It was fantastic :) Your Audrey is a sweetfaced book grabber :)


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