5 January 2010

mixy matchy

A linen dress with skirt in the LV dress-style (pleated, though longer) with the Marchesa dress-style bodice from yesterday. I think I prefer this pleated skirt to have the longer true-waist bodice (and that bow), and the length is kind of in no-mans land but it's fun playing around with the different pattern pieces.

Yes, I have plenty else I could (should) be doing but I'm so into sewing dresses right now. Probably heightened because it's beautifully sunny here and I need some everyday frocks to wear. Lucy wants the Marchesa-inspired mockup from yesterday now, she really does prefer all the girly things. Audrey is roaming wild beneath my desk, weaving in and out of cords and modems and sockets and Lucy climbed into Audrey's cot and is calling for me to get her out (for the past 5+ minutes). Not good, and they are both so unbelievably patient. I better up my parenting efforts starting now! Or is it time for a brandy...


  1. Love this. Love dresses.

  2. I love this one! So pretty.

  3. ok i have to butt in again - i like this length! nice to show a bit of leg and the pleats are great.

  4. Beautiful dress, I like this legth too!


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