28 January 2010

dual weaning

Lucy had long given up her dummy by the time Audrey came along. Audrey doesn't use one, wouldn't have a piece of it, though we did try her with one earlier on to ease the crying. This was when Lucy's interest was re-piqued(?), and now this sorry sight has been a daily occurence. I am weaning two kids, it seems; one from milk, the other from a dummy. Such an appropriate word. I think I will go out and bury the thing in the garden, tell Lucy a dummy tree will grow, though to be patient as it takes a long time to grow something this good.


  1. My twin brother refused to give up his pacifier. One day he went to grab it from his room and it was gone. My mother told him the maid must have thrown it away by accident (when really my mother took it). My brother was upset for a few days, but eventually forgot about it. The dummy tree is much more inventive!

  2. Awww. I am sure she will give it up soon. Beautiful shots!

  3. Love the post's title!
    Such a gorgeous photo too.

  4. Your photography is always incredible. One of the three blogs I regularly check out.
    My ten month old loves his dummy (soother/pacifier) to pieces! I am worried in advance re - weaning, but heard another good one, which involved tying the dummy to the bed, and saying to the small one that if required, the dummy would be available, but only in the one room.
    I don't know, I'm a fair way off reasoning with Leo, but will be open to any suggestions when the time comes!
    All the best for your wedding day.

  5. Catherine,

    Bella was very hard to wean as well. The thing that worked for us was, wrapping up the "binkie" (as we call it) for the binkie fairy. At night the binkie fairy came, and left her a small toy that Bella really wanted. It worked very well for us. She was sad for a few days, but was over it. If it can work for us, it can work for anyone. Bella was completely ATTACHED to her binkie.

    Good luck!


  6. Funnily enough, since writing this post she's given it up again! Maybe she read this post and felt embarrassed...

  7. you should try "the dummy fairy".
    same theme as the tooth fairy. put
    it under her pillow and in the morning it will be gone and in it's place a gift.


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