21 January 2010


That's how Lucy says 'Audrey'. So tonight, elocution 101.

Me: Aud-REY
Lucy: Au-GIE. I did it!
Me: No, not quite. Let's try again. Au-D-REY.
Lucy: Augie-de de de
Me: Hm. Au-DREY
Lucy: Aug-Dee!

Lesson finished.

Without further ado, here is Miss Audrey/Augie/Augie de-de-de on a recent outing.


  1. what a sweet post...you're girls are just darling!
    my friends little girl is ava and our conversation went something like this

    me: what's your name
    ava: aba
    me: i love you ava
    ava: i lobe you trina

    ...and my heart is happy.
    have a good day!

  2. gorgeous babe'ums.
    my baby is actually named augie, so this is particularly charming to me...


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