18 January 2010

3.1 Phillip Lim in black

Hilarious! I found a stock image of the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress (see previous post) in black, and it turns out I was wearing it all wrong! But funnily enough I prefer how I wore it, and to be honest wouldn't have even stopped for two seconds to look at the dress above. It looks somewhat dull, conservative, restrained.

Isn't it funny how the same garment in a different colour, and worn differently, can look so different. Plus the dress I am wearing is a size 6 and I am a size 2. I have always maintained that one shouldn't always go by the size label (though the one I'm wearing would require some nips and tucks should I buy it). I like it worn looser, but that's just me.

Obviously I'm still deliberating (dithering), and currently working on yet another version of my own. At this rate, come April I'll have ten dresses to choose from!


  1. can't wait to see how your version turns out. i like it a bit looser, too.

    i'm still so in love with the back of sofia's dior dress.

  2. I think it was very bad that the shop people didn't know how the dress should be worn. I prefer your version though.

  3. Erica - you've renewed my interested in Sofia's dress! I've drafted up a pattern to try, now to see how it looks on.

    Jo - Perhaps the owner was gauging my reaction. If I had a confused look on my face might she have intervened? I was obviously happy wrapping myself up wrongly!

    I feel she would do anything (little or great) to move stuff out of her shop.

  4. I think I prefer it your way, too. And congratulations! xx

  5. With all the draping of the dress I think it looks better a bit looser too.

    Have you had a look at etsy for dresses at all? englishdept and sarahseven are good for a look at least (I like the latter's midnight stroll dress).


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