28 June 2009

my other blog

Finding enough to write about on my other blog (how much can I say about baking soda and washing hair?) left it a bit neglected. As there are so many other health related topics I get really excited about (whoop de woo!) my writing will be more broad from now on. So if you are into health, pop over. If words like brewers yeast, LSA and chlorophyll don't get you going, then stay well away.

It's really pouring down here. Great for crafting and getting the house in order. Baaaaad for cabin-fever kids.

Hmm, 'cabin-fever kids' and 'getting the house in order' really, really clashes. Impossible. I think I'll just put my feet up...

23 June 2009

a simple life

Polite requests simply do not work anymore. Gentle coercion doesn't seem to work either. I've even started offering bribes in the form of chocolate Freddo Frogs and homemade iceblocks, but alas even they don't always cut it. The photos for the Carnaby shirt weren't the finest but what could I do with a kid who insisted on bouncing non-stop on the sofa, and failing that running at breakneck speed around the house yelling 'no photos please!' (she has a polite resistance). Could CYFs take me in for harrassing my own child with a camera? Some days I just want to have a really big lie down. Not go near the sewing machine, and try my best to be the domestic goddess I know is hiding somewhere within. To lead a lovely, simple life.

I was baking the other day (super muffins) and homemade pizza (including the dough, right on!), and as I baked away, pinny-clad, I also had playing a CD compilation called Blue Skies. All the oldies were coming out of the Bose (Audrey loves Charles Trenet's 'Boum!') but in a crackly grammophone way and I couldn't help but temporarily be whisked back to the 50's. It felt kinda nice. Really nice actually. But somehow each day winds up being what it is; a bit mad, a bit rushed, never enough hours, cuddling, reprimanding, a spot of sewing, bathing tiny bodies, not getting through my to-do list, eating the same things and wiping numerous possets off my once-clean tops. I think I need to introduce a little meditation into my day.

16 June 2009

happy birthday audrey

Her four month birthday, that is! We celebrated her birthday in weeks until she was about 3 months I guess, and now she has monthly birthdays. Imagine if adults did this, imagine the gifts!

I can't believe how fast it's gone. If feels like it was just yesterday I was heading off to the hospital, wondering what the heck my second experience would be like (great) after my 'interesting' first (intervention city).

Today I saw a friend with her three week old, and Audrey looked like a giant(ess) next to him. And he was a reasonably big baby apparently. This baby still had that fetal position thing going on, looking so helpless and cute. Audrey looks quite robust now, though still a little wobbly. Lucy in comparison appears enormous. I make every effort to go on outings with her alone. I swear she is over me saying 'don't hit Audrey', 'don't poke her eyes like that', 'don't hit her tummy like a drum', 'don't feed her your crackers'. Nag nag nag!

Before Audrey was born I wondered if I would ever get any time to myself again. But so long as I don't expect too much, some days work out quite nicely. The girls are happy when they are up, and sleep when they need too. And on the days that aren't so predictable (read: ritsy-central), I have learned (a little later than I would have liked) that I just have to drop everything else and be the mama that I signed up for. Oh, and lots of Rescue Remedy.

Growth-wise, Audrey is now over 7kg and around 63 cm long. Thank heck I sew, otherwise I'd be spending a fortune buying clothes the next size up. Lucy wore 0-3m bodysuits for about, ooh, six months? Really. I recall she was around 8kg at 1 yr. Audrey is looking to be around 8 kg at 5 months, maybe even more. They're so different in that respect. Though it seems those early measurements don't mean so much - Lucy started out in the bottom 5th percentile and is now in the top 90th percentile (meaning 90% of children her age are smaller/shorter). Even a kindy/preschool teacher remarked that she had the stature of a 3.5+ yr old. I think I can safely say both girls will shadow their mama in their teenage years. 'Teenage years', the thought is surreal. Wow, I'm really a parent, like my mama.

Happy birthday baby.

14 June 2009


Audrey is as warm as now. I love sewing with merino, or rather I just love merino. There are so many different types though. We have a lot here in NZ (go figure with all our sheep) but a lot is superfine, sheer almost, and not quite up to Winter gear. I did find this merino knit, pretty much jersey weight, recently and am tempted to go back and buy the rest of it (if only my purse were to agree). Audrey is a happy camper though as she has (yet again) new pants and mitts.

The mitts idea came about after a friend took her baby (Audrey's age) for a walk in a front pack, facing forward with his hands out. By the time they had reached their destination his poor tiny hands were ice cold. Lucky Audrey has benefited from his trial and error, and is now prepared for any future front-facing walks. Her cold-handed friend has a pair too. I couldn't let the poor boy freeze any longer.

11 June 2009

Smock Shirt

There's one red check smock shirt in the shop, which will fit size 0-4. All measurements included in the listing.

8 June 2009

Winter Walk

'Dad' and I have turns at sleep-ins. He works a roster so he often has late night/through the night flights and I, well, I always have through the night feeds. I think the only downside of breastfeeding is that miniature tummies need filling sooner than they would if on formula. So it was Brendan's turn for a sleep-in yesterday. Lucy was repeatedly flinging herself into her beanbag from the couch and Audrey was getting near sleeptime, so we decided on an early morning walk. Audrey gets the buggy complete with a thousand rugs (slight exaggeration but not by much if you ask any friend of mine, as I'm a serial over-dresser), and for Lucy to allow this to happen (as it is her buggy and she is simply lending it to Audrey) she is allowed to ride her pink plastic trike. These things cost like $30 but seem to go on forever and are the best for scooting around on wooden floors and, of course, hitting the pavement. A little noisy and rackety but lots of fun and that's what counts.

A fun thing to do with young children is to ask them where you're to go next. What started as a walk down the road and back turned into 'a fluffy', 'see the trains', and 'see the basin'. So we stopped off at a local cafe and had a fluffy and flat white and a yo-yo, one of those dreadfully sugary biscuits. Audrey had sweet fresh air. Poor girl.

And it's amazing how many dogs and their owners are out early. We have a cat, and our cat sleeps almost 24/7 and doesn't venture past the feijoa tree out front.

The crisp air was cleansing, the views were uplifting, and the colours were vivid. A beautiful walk. Lucy's Dad had a great sleep-in too.

7 June 2009


During a recent tidyup of my workspace I found enough of that red knit binding for one last pair of Strutters. I know I've said this before, but this time it's definite!

5 June 2009

Scout Jeans

Long ago I ran out of the stretch denim material the Frenchy pants were sewn from. Lucy is almost out of her last pair, and I was starting to get worried. Plus people were asking for replacement pairs. I have been scouring suppliers for new stock, but to no avail.

The new Scout Jeans are sewn from the loveliest Turkish denim in a great blue. The cut is very similar to the Frenchy pants but with a few differences such as the back panel for extra ease and detailing. Lucy wore the first pair today, visiting Butterfly Creek, home to (obviously) butterflies, and a myriad of delightful farm animals.

On the topic of denim and children, I'll never forget the sight, at our local library, of a 4/6m old baby chugging down a huge bottle of milk wearing standard jeans (with zips, domes, rivets, you name it) and a belt. A belt! I was thinking 'how?'. Five minutes later I saw him throw the whole lot up.

The jeans I have Lucy wearing (Frenchys and Scouts) have minimal seams and are made from the best denim I can find. This new Turkish denim is pretty amazing. But then I could wax lyrical about fabric all day, every day.

1 June 2009

my weekend

I sewed a denim version of the puffball dress (for A of Italy).

I made this for me. Drafting it Saturday off and on, sewing it Sunday. I tell you, when I want something done I am very determined. I think my parents will vouch for that. Do you like my backdrop of Lucy's room? Nah, it's really mine...

And we all went to The Domain

As we were driving out I couldn't help but notice this wedding photography in progress. I only wish I had the nerve to get out of the car to get a proper shot (as opposed to Brendan's arm filling up half the shot as I clambered over). The intense yellow of the tree above and the leaves below against the bride's white dress/colouring was amazing. Oh my, the most perfect light, and all natural.