27 May 2009

summer runners

There are Summer runners in the shop now (2T-4T for now). I only wish it were warm enough for Lucy to wear hers now...

26 May 2009

where the day takes you

Lucy and I and Audrey went for a drive yesterday. It was rainy and cold, yet cabin fever had struck. So we drove to the library, but a hungry infant and a hyper child somehow sully the library experience...so we left and I drove aimlessly. But not for too long as Lucy piped up declaring she wanted to see some sheep. You would think we'd be hard pressed to find farm animals in the middle of a city, but luck (and a good City Council) has it that we have Cornwall Park (or rather One Tree Hill (without the tree...it's a long story)).

Home to free-ranging cows and sheep and lambs and chickens and roosters, Lucy anticipated woolly heaven. Alas, the sheep had moved on (I hope to greener pastures) and all there was nibbling on wet green grass were dozens of red and white and brown cows. Not a bad consolation but it didn't dampen Lucy's desire to see some sheep. A-ha, maybe some Schleich sheep will do the trick?

Yes, on to the toy shop, Mama (and with much urgency). I forgot that a vintage fabric store was next door, and managed to coax Lucy in too. The owner has a big tray of oversize buttons which kids are invited to dig into, so Lucy was happily distracted for a while. And Audrey was captive in her front pack, so carried no clout.

Being a child of the 70s I am drawn to some of those prints and colours, and after almost giving up I did find a few pieces which I was very happy to take home with me.

These are Summer Runners in a vintage dot print, which I'll make a few of for the shop. Being a shop selling vintage, often remnant, fabrics sometimes there's not a lot to play with. But I think that makes the fabrics there all the more special. The Summer Runners are shortish, slim and have a curved side hem.

I think Lucy will look prety mod wearing these with a cotton singlet of sorts and some chucks. Well, at least when the weather warms up.

Oh, and Lucy did get her sheep in the end - a ewe and lamb.

21 May 2009

linen puffball

There's a small puffball dress in the shop now (Size S fits an 18 (longer) and a 2T). It's sewn from a coated linen, which means it holds its shape nicely and the colour hides superficial marks nicely. Though I'm sure that carry-on doesn't happen with your little girl. Actually, I hope it does - mess is fun (when you don't have to clean it up yourself).

17 May 2009

puffball lucy

Another dress for Lucy in a cool Liberty of London cotton print (finally, Tera!) and lined in a neutral soft cotton. As per Lucy's instructions. I love accentuating a child's curves, and so now want the skirt part of this dress more puffier. But I'm pleased with how it turned out, and hope to offer them in the shop sometime (but probably not in this print as I haven't got a lot). I've only got a size 3 (which I am happy to make now), so need to grade a few more sizes. Lucy wants one in R.E.D. Of course!

8 May 2009

thrifting and sewing

A few finds from a recent thrift shop visit; a cute pair of blue leather shoes, mary-jane style, which Lucy loves and won't take off. Made in NZ, and in perfect condition though probably not for long the way Lucy tears around the house in them. She thinks she's all that in them!

Also, a 1970's book on Paris. Admittedly when I see anything uttering Paris I think of my sister, which is why I pulled this book off the shelf. But I love it, mostly because it's from the 70s (my time!) and has wonderful rich, grainy photos inside. I always like the proper covers of the book rather than the dust jackets too.

And this crazy wool hat from Nepal!

and a new shirt for me (my own smock shirt pattern)

4 May 2009

the sigh heard all around kindy

I dropped Lucy at Kindy an hour or so ago and the few times I attempted to leave she turned hysterical. It was heartbreaking. I am paying (which seems to me) a fortune (close to $400 for a term) for something, which at this stage, seems like neither she nor I want.

As I walked out she was actually screaming for me, flailing arms and legs, tears running down her sad face, fighting in the arms of the (nice) Kindy teacher. It felt totally unnatural and all I wanted to do was scoop her up and take her home.

When I think rationally, I'm pretty sure every mother and child goes through this in the early days, and in Kindy's defence for the first few sessions she happily played as I left. Yet I still find it hard to reconcile when it goes like it did today. I got to the car with wet eyes.

On top of this, Lucy has just gotten over the last cold which I'm convinced came from either Kindy or this indoor playground session Lucy attended a month or so ago. When I leave she is sitting between two children with horribly runny noses (I am seeing green). A rose between two thorns, in my eyes. I am not trying to make out like Lucy has never been sick, but I keep her at home when she is. More because I know she would want to feel safe and cared for at home, and I would want to be there for her.

Big BIG sigh.

in the early days, well before Kindy was on our minds

3 May 2009


Darn, it's starting to get cold. Audrey has had to pull out a few hats the past few days, wearing one of them to bed last night. I know I cussed about Summer at times (I was pregnant), but this current Wintry chill has come a bit too soon for my liking. As I am still sewing Audrey's Winter woollens, her outfits are more about fabric content (wool wool wool!) and less about coordinating colours and patterns. But I guess you'd figured that out already...