26 February 2009

lucy & audrey

(abbreviated version of original post)

We had Lucy’s name when I was five month’s pregnant. This time the process has been entirely different including a lot of spontaneous input from others.

While one is entitled to their opinion, one also needs to realise that ultimately it is the parents' choice, and not everyone is going to agree on the name.

Imogen was the other name that I loved and that was shortlisted. Bebe does however look like an Audrey, so after much too-ing and fro-ing (more on my part than ‘Dad’s’) Audrey it was. Even now I have some pangs of regret. Can one be 100% certain on a name, especially when the name is decided upon almost two weeks after the birth? We were certain with the name Lucy, so this time I’ve felt quite confused and torn between the two.

Though as a lovely lady wrote the other day, “it’s the person that makes a name special”. Very sweet, and beautifully put. Thankyou, Jennifer (mum of an Audrey, incidentally!).

To those who have gone against the grain (family pressures), I commend you; it’s not easy.

And to those in the process of naming a child, the VERY best of luck (and a good pair of earmuffs). Go with your heart.

28 Feb - BTW, Audrey is definitely an Audrey! No regrets...

22 February 2009

kiddy board counsel

Both bebes are sleeping (at the same time, wonderful!), so thought it the perfect time to seek counsel from other mothers.

Has anyone had experience with a kiddy board, i.e. the removable little trailer that hooks on to the back of a buggy for the older sibling to ride on? I am not going to buy a double stroller, but am considering this for Lucy. Without having trialled it, it looks a) a bit awkward from the view the child stands up between the buggy and the handle, and b) will my feet kick the board as I walk?

Any advice welcome. I really don't want another dud accessory...

And on the home front, Lucy got a-paintin' this morning, which she absolutely adores. We've been framing her little pieces and placing them about the house, and she gets such a buzz when she sees them.

21 February 2009

past few days


petit dejeuner (pancakes with stewed apple, nectarine, banana, yogurt & cinnamon)

mama & bebe

cafe girl


19 February 2009

little miss no name

We are becoming accustomed to calling our new daughter 'bebe' to the point where it will sound weird when we finally give her a name. I know, we're into day 5 now and still a name is yet to be awarded. We have given ourselves a deadline of today, as people are starting to give us looks; even my laid-back midwife said our time is up. I don't even want to think what my obstetrician might have to say...

sunbathing away a little jaundice

16 February 2009

hello world

6.41pm, St Valentine's Day

3.155 kg (6.9 lbs)

Under three hours; very intense; no drugs - I did it!

14 February 2009

false starts

...still here.

I really thought last night was it after 5 hours of lovely cramps but woke up in one piece. Again. It feels quite odd, as each day I wake in one piece it's like I've been given extra hours to get things sorted (you could even call it groundhog day)). I didn't have this at all with Lucy. Labour came on, we went to the hospital and that was that. I feel like I've had so many false labours this time round, I'm starting to doubt if I will know when it's the real thing.

On the plus side, more sewing though! Yes I am spending plenty of time with Lucy, just in case anyone thinks I lock myself away and revel in thread and fabric. The weather is just great right now; rainy and overcast which has brought the temperature down to what feels like 20°c if we're lucky rather than mid 30°C's. Much more bearable. I even have socks and a fine jersey on!

When I went to the op shop the other day (where the old lady shooed me away as it was my due date) I found a piece of fabric in a neat print. It feels like rayon, which is fine for me (though cotton or silk would have been much nicer) however I wouldn't make a child's outfit out of it (highly flammable). The downside with opshop fabric is that what you find is all there is. I made a top yesterday/this morning out of it. I don't think the shots really show the colour/washed out nature of the print in the best light but it'll have to do. And I think it'll look much better on when I lose the bump, as it'll drape better. At least I can wear it though...!

12 February 2009

deux's due day

I might not look very happy here, but I am fine. Well, apart from the awful heat and humidity (note 'dewy' complexion) and the waiting for labour to start (cramps here, there and everywhere), what have I got to complain about?

I never thought I would make it to my due date and still be pregnant. Lucy would have been two weeks old by now. I know there are worse things to wait for, but if you've ever been in this position (or even one/two weeks overdue, blech) you will know how I feel. If someone could just tell me when it would happen it would make life a bit easier.

I called in to a couple of thrift shops today as I went about my errands stocking up on bird seed, etc, and found some old books for Lucy. As I was paying at the counter, the dear little old lady serving me asked when my 'special day' was. I replied 'today', at which she looked somewhat alarmed, and said 'well please move on dear, I'm no midwife', gesturing me out the door.

And to keep me occupied, I have been sewing with knit fabrics the last couple of weeks (which started with Lucy's knickers) and have been making t.shirts and a t.shirt dress (top photo). It's very hard to find nice t.shirts and I prefer fine knits that drape over thicker cottons, but have a hard time finding them here. So if you can't find something, you make it. And when you realise you could have made it right from the start, you wonder why you spent all that energy looking for it in the first place. These pieces are perfect for now, as they 'give' being t.shirting, and they are loose fitting.

The only thing is, I am still resigned to wearing pants as certain things are pressing on certain parts and causing foot swelling. But I would much rather suffer silently in the heat, than expose these ankles of mine. A girls got to have some pride, even at 40 weeks.

9 February 2009


Do you ever find when you start sewing something new you can't stop yourself? That's what I'm doing with the knickers for Lucy. Probably hard to believe, but it's actually a lot of fun (and Lucy needs a million pairs). And I'm trying to fill in time waiting for No 2 to arrive, so little projects are the go. For those interested, I'm just going to keep adding any new knickers I make to the original post. If you do make some out of 100% cotton (Sara, you alluded to the Liberty print pair) be sure to add a bit more ease to your pattern. And if you don't have an overlocker (serger), so long as the fabric doesn't fray a simple zig zag stitch will be just fine for securing the elastic.

Yesterday evening we went for an after-dinner walk, and Lucy insisted on taking her red balloon. There's a lot of balloon posts round at the moment (here, here and here to name a few), but anything to do with a toddler seriously isn't planned. Whatever keeps her happy (within reason) I say. And that little red balloon caught the attention of three little old ladies perched up at a nearby resthome - I turned to see them enthusiastically trying to get Lucy's attention for a return wave! (Erica - it was my favourite shot too).

8 February 2009

in lucy's room

The little solid wood cabinet was a bargain find ($89) from Kmart, and it's actually a mini wine cabinet - instead I store Lucy's shoes where the wine would've lived. And beneath are shelves behind two glass doors just right for storing Lucy's vintage books (great op shop finds). The poster above, which I framed, is a second-hand shop find too.

This French tin (from La Cigale) is perfect for storing Lucy's little wooden hairbrush (originally her Uncle's, who is now 30 years of age) plus her hair clips from Jack and Jane, and other beauty miscellany.

Lucy's 'book nook', a fabric book hanger I made to keep Lucy's books in order and to make it fun and easy for her to pick books at storytime.

Lucy's grandad is a Harley man (I have fond childhood memories of Saturday afternoon rides on the back of his Hog), so when he spied this Harley jacket in an authentic Harley Davidson shop in California he couldn't resist it. Lucy mixes it up with her tulle skirt.

Lucy was gifted the little chair by a sweet neighbour a couple of years ago. The print above is "Street Madonna" which I bought off TradeMe for around $20. The little baby reminds me of Lucy when she was that small, similar features and colouring.

'Bed-quarters' - I considered making Lucy a second beanbag but when I saw this gingham one on sale for $56 (beans n'all!) at Poppies bookstore, I decided it wasn't worth it. The ottoman was a second hand shop find on the outskirts of Auckland (Pukekohe to be precise); it's a proper one with wooden legs, casters and was covered in a William Morris print, and was an absolute snip at $15 (I think the owner was being nice, as he sold it to me for nothing and it was part of a lounge suite). I recovered it in a smoke coloured ticking.

The reading corner, with an early 1900's Arts and Crafts chair (so huge it took the antique shop owner and I at least half an hour to squeeze it into my (large work) car. Folded on the arm are handmade quilts from Lucy's Aunty and Great Aunt. The vintage rocking horse is another find from TradeMe ($25 or so). Lucy's beloved soft toys (what is it with soft toys and kids?) sleep beneath her clothes, which hang on a peg board her Grandad made for her.

6 February 2009

va va voom!

We're in the midst of toilet training Lucy, though it wasn't planned for right now with a new baby arriving (I've heard big changes can put a spanner in the works). She decided she was ready though, and now races about the house most of the time in tiny little knickers. Which brings me to the point of this post - where are all the nice toddler knickers? I like the Nature Baby ones, but I'm not about to pay close to $20 per pair. When I do find nice ones, there's barely any in size 2-4, and size 4-6 hang all saggy-like on her (which is most unbecoming for a young lady).

Frustrated, I got sewing and tried out some vintage cream-coloured cotton knit with red lace elastic (va-va-voom!). I'll now make up some more pairs, as these fit well and look cute on her without being too grown up. I like them a little fuller, rather than skimpy.

And a few more to add to her new collection;

cream with pale gold elastic

liberty cotton with pale blue elastic

cream with red and pink elastic, plus the important
addition of a 'which way round' fuschia coloured tag (for Dad)

gingham applique heart on rear

appliqué balloon knickers

5 February 2009

i think the heat is getting to me

Too hot to be outdoors, too uncomfortable to continue pattern drafting (a-ha, still doing it), so I decided to play around with my earlier bump shot whilst Lucy was having her midday sleep.

4 February 2009

pseudo overtime

Even though I'm 39 weeks, because Lucy was born at 38 weeks I feel this one is going overtime. Too much time to think, huh?! Lucy was actually mildly induced, so I guess this time I'll know the natural length of my pregnancy.

Anyway, I still have a few little jobs to get done so I shall make the most of the time. This was not an important job, but a fun one all the same; belly-up shots.

3 February 2009

bridget davies

I found an Etsy shop today selling lovely cushions, all freehand machine embroidered with scenes such as Paris parks, benches, gates, and aviaries. Bridget says the cushions are designed as a set, but look equally lovely by themselves.

I have a freehand embroidery foot on my machine, and I had one attempt a while back to know how difficult it can be. I think for now I'll leave it to this expert (though she offers wonderful inspiration).

1 February 2009

I couldn't help myself

...and made another dress. I never listen to my own advice! Though this one is a slimmer version of the last dress I made which, if you remember, I hacked into a shirt due to my roundness, and the fullness of the dress pattern. Given that it is reasonably fitted on now it should be perfect (i.e. comfortably, slightly loose) when I regain my waistline. I added polka dot lining in the bodice of this version, plus 'fixed' roll up sleeves.

I haven't left the house today, literally the house. Not even to go out to the garden. And up until I put this dress on I was in my house clothes, which are only ever so slightly better than pyjamas (but barely). Since this morning I say (it's now around 5pm). I am going to have a lovely, long bath tonight using Lucy's special no-nasty-stuff bubble bath. We haven't tried this version yet. General bubble bath formulations are full of horrible stuff (like sodium lauryl sulphate) to give a good bubble-up. The natural ones use safe ingredients but tend not to bubble as much. Hope this new one works better than the last, which you needed to kick like mad to make it resemble anything half-decent.

38.5 weeks. If this were my first pregnancy, Lucy would have been 4-5 days old by now. Whoo-eee.