18 November 2009

wedding dress progress

I started off obsessing over the Oscar de la Renta dress, then chanced upon the John Galliano creation for the Miss Dior CheriƩ commercial and really fell in love. What I love about the Oscar de la Renta dress is the colour and the patent leather belt, and the version in white (which is what a wedding dress would look like) doesn't excite me nearly as much.

So far, the dress is a combination of the two, as I'd drafted a bodice based on the Oscar dress already. I do love the bodice piece on the Miss Dior CheriƩ dress though so will definitely be trying that next.

Here is my work in progress, in a very work-in-progress state. Rough bow pinned to front for me to better see what the dress will look like. The finished dress will be a touch longer.


  1. Cute, cute and cute! You'll look lovely.

  2. This is really lovely. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Amazing! And I can barely sew buttons onto my sweaters!!

  4. Gosh, you are talented! It is a beautiful and timeless dress.


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